Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blessing Day

Haylie made it through her first trip! She did so great on both flights. We flew to Utah last week to visit family and to bless Haylie with family and friends around. It was such a good trip and we are so glad that we got to go.

Here's our set up as we strolled through the airport!

Haylie met lots of family, including her cousin, Charlotte, who is only 3 months older than she is. Charlotte was ready to play with Haylie but Haylie wasn't very fun. ;)

Here is Haylie "playing" with her other cousin, Shelby, who is just 5 months older than her. She wasn't a very fun playmate for Shelby just yet either.

Hanging out with her Uncle Taylor!

We blessed Haylie on Sunday evening with our family and friends gathered around. She looked so beautiful in her white blessing dress. The blessing was so wonderful. We were able to feel of the great amount of love that our Father in Heaven has for Haylie.
We are so grateful for the many worthy priesthood holders in our families that were able to stand in the circle as Haylie was blessed.

Here is my family, minus my brother-in-law, Tom. Missed you, Tom!

Haylie's Nana and Papa!

My friend, Laurel, and her husband came! Thanks for being there! :)
It was such a wonderful day and we're so grateful that we could have our families be a part of this special day. We love you all!

Cute sunday outfit!

Haylie getting a manicure while sleeping!

Haylie got a bath today and I decided to try to do her hair curly with a little mousse. It looks kinda cute! Hopefully you can see it okay in the picture.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's our little Love Bug! She wore a pretty pink dress to church today!

We have been watching lots of Olympic events lately!
Here is Jake and Haylie hanging out and watching the Olympics together!

Haylie is learning how to reach for things and hold on to stuff. We have been working on it the past few days and she's catching on quite quickly! This is a picture of her "playing" with her rattle! Actually, I have to pry her fingers open wrap them around the rattle and then she shakes it around a bit, not realizing it's in her hand, before dropping it. So cute! We got a video of her doing it that I'll have to post on here later.

We're so excited to see our families soon and bless Haylie next sunday!
I'm realizing that packing for a baby brings my traveling anxiety up to a whole new level. ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

in no particular order...

Lots of pictures! I really should put these up more regularly as I take them so I don't have so many on one post all the time.. I'll work on it. ;)

Haylie likes sleeping on her belly on our chest and sometimes will wake herself up if I lay her down on her back to nap during the day. The day I took this picture, I really needed a break from holding her so I laid her down on her bobby pillow just how she lays on us and she slept for such a long time! Doesn't she look so comfy and relaxed? Too bad you're supposed to have babies sleep on their backs, I think she really enjoys sleeping on her tummy!

Just a quick snapshot during one of our many diaper changes throughout the day.

This is from this past sunday. Haylie wore an adorable brown dress and cute headband to Stake Conference! She was looking so cute! Thanks to her cousin, Shelby, for letting her borrow it and a bunch of other adorable clothes! :)

Smiling some more! I love that gummy grin. :)

Snoozing in her bouncer while I got ready.

This is Haylie's sleeping setup. She loves watching her teddy bear mobile!
Thanks to her Aunt Holli for the awesome swaddling blankets! She is wrapped up in one every night!

Haylie's first bottle!
I started pumping to see if Haylie would take a bottle so we could leave her with family while we visit Utah and Haylie did great with it! Jake and I should be able to go to the temple and out on a date together!

Sometimes Haylie will take a binki. She's quite selective in when she'll allow it. ;)

This was another church outfit. Her tights don't quite fit just yet but they keep her legs warm!
Haylie is 5 weeks old now! I can't believe she's over a month old. She changes and grows everyday! She seems to be interacting more each day. She's sleeping pretty well-some nights are certainly better than others.
Jake and I are doing well, also. (Maybe some people are still interested in how we are doing) ;) We are adjusting to this whole new parenting thing and realizing how different our lives are now! Haylie has been such a blessing to have in our family. We are so excited to teach her the gospel and hope that we can be good examples to her.