Saturday, May 29, 2010

growing girl!

Beautiful girl

All bundled up to go running with mom!

Playing on the floor

Doing her crunches! Work it, baby!

She loves sitting up like a big girl. She'll be sitting up on her own in no time!

Haylie goes crazy for anything that crinkles. She was having a great time playing with a bag of sun chips!

Since Haylie loves sitting up and seeing what is going on, I figured a Bumbo would be a good investment. She loves it! It has helped her in finding her feet lately. :)

Isn't she adorable?! Don't you love the stack of dirty diapers in the background? ;)

Exersaucer!! I didn't think Haylie would be old enough for this for quite a while but this girl loves her toys! She is always wanting to stand up on her own two legs so I figured she would do well with this. She loves being surrounded by so many toys and does well in manuvering herself in a circle to be sure to play with each and every thing!

Haylie is 5 months old now! Time is flying. This girl must have a lot of the Taylor genes because she just cut her first tooth!! I'm so excited but also freaked out! #1- I don't want to get bit by a little razor-sharp tooth and #2- it is making me realize that she really isn't going to be a little baby forever! It is fun to see her learn and change but she won't always be a baby! I do love seeing her grow though. :)
I packed our first box to begin working towards our move into our new house July 1st! Wish us luck! The invitation is still open for anyone who wants to fly out here to help! ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy first Mother's Day to me!

Me with my gifts and my sweet girl. Haylie was quite interested in what I got.

I looove being this cute girl's mom! What a blessing she is.


Our little family!

Isn't she adorable?!
I had such a wonderful Mother's Day. Jake made it just perfect for me.
We ran off to 9:00 church that morning where Jake spoke in sacrament meeting and told everyone how amazing I am. (kidding! ;)) He did an amazing job.
Haylie was well behaved in church and took a long nap in my arms during Relief Society so I could sit and enjoy the lesson. What a sweetheart.
We then came home and Jake made us delicious guacamole and beef enchiladas. Dinner was so yummy!
I opened my Mother's Day card and gift from "Haylie". I think dad helped pick it out for me. ;)
You can see my gifts in the first picture. I got the blue shirt I'm wearing (Jake picked it out! He does quite well with that kind of stuff!), dark chocolate Rasinettes (Mm, dark chocolate.), a 4-cup measuring cup and potato scrubber (I know, not very exciting but I've been needing both of those things for a while!). I got spoiled by my two favorite people!
Then, Jake even made us homemade oreos! I requested that we color the frosting different Spring colors so they had light purple, green and pink filling!
The weather was so awesome that day so we went out for a walk and delivered some oreos to a lady in our ward. It was the perfect end to a perfect Mother's Day!
I feel such great joy in being a mom. I love seeing Haylie grow and change every day! I am so blessed that I can stay home and care for her. It isn't always easy but I wouldn't want to do anything else. I love my Haylie girl!

Thanks, Jake, for a wonderful day!

Arm wrestling champ!

We got to meet the world champion arm wrestler, Steve Phipps!
He's a member of the church and speaks to youth about setting goals and being the best person you can be. A guy in our ward works with him and asked him to come speak to our ward. His message was great and very inspiring.
Steve brought his arm wrestling table so there were several wrestling matches at the end of the night! Jake and his friend (the old scoutmaster) arm wrestled each other.

Jake won!

Then he wrestled Steve...

Jake was pulling so hard and Steve was just standing there looking at him. Jake said he'd have better luck arm wrestling a car. ;)
So, obviously Jake lost this one.
Good try, Jake!

It was an uplifting and fun time!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

lots of pictures, again.

Here's my monthly overload of pictures for everyone! ;) that is what it feels like, at least.
Haylie is now 4 months old and growing so fast!
4 month stats:
  • Weighs 15 lbs. 6 oz. and is 24 1/2 in. long!
  • She is still such a big talker and seems to be talking more everyday!
  • Can pass a toy from hand to hand
  • Still not rolling over and not too crazy about tummy time but is getting better at it
  • Does her yoga "boat pose", as Jake likes to call it. She stiffens her arms and legs out and tries lifting her head while growling. So funny and so random.
  • Likes to eat and taste anything she gets her hands on
  • Loves sitting up and standing (both with assistance still, of course), she's so strong!

I could go on forever bragging about the little things she does! But, I wont. ;)

Haylie loooves playing with her toys!
She likes to eat bugs, too. Yum, yum!

This is a cute (and so soft) outfit that Aunt Shashi got for Haylie!
You can't help but want to cuddle her all the time when she wears it!

Stare-down with her deer. I think the deer won. ;)
Thanks cousin Ally for the present! Haylie loves playing with this.

Mom and baby.

Uncle Tay came to visit!
My parents went out of town so Taylor flew up to WA to visit us this past weekend!
It was so fun to have him here. He got to play with his little niece a lot, which Haylie loved.
Thanks for coming to see us, Uncle Tay!

Haylie was checking out the fish with dad at the doctor's office before her appointment.
Poor girl didn't get a nap before her appointment so she was already unhappy.
She got two shots. :(
She crashed out on the drive home.

My sleeping angel baby.

Kisses for my baby girl. :)
We're getting closer to finally having a house! Hopefully things will keep working out for the house we are under contract for. We can't wait to have a house and more space!