Thursday, October 6, 2011

Disneyland and CA 2011

For my "family reunion" we decided to make another trip to CA for some more Disneyland fun together!
This is in the car in the parking garage just getting to Disneyland.

I took this picture in the same place just getting to Disneyland for her first time last year. Look at how much she's grown!

Family picture by the famous flower Mickey! Haylie likes to flash a "hang loose" sign in pictures, apparently. ;)

The girls playing in the ball fountain. This entertained them for quite some time!

The longest, hottest line I stood in was waiting to take Haylie to meet Princess Rapunzel. I wish I hadn't wasted the time. Normally the princesses are so sweet and really into their character but this girl didn't seem into it at all. Oh well. Here's the photo that I stood in line forever for.

All the other lines for the rides were so short! I think we waited for about 15-20 minutes at the most. It was the PERFECT time to be there! However, Pirates and the big Screamin' rollercoaster were both closed while we were there so that was a bummer.
Haylie LOVED Dumbo! When we came back down out of the air to get off the ride Haylie signed "more" while asking for "more fly? more fly?". It was so sweet!

My gorgeous girl! Waiting as patiently as an almost 2 year old can for the Peter Pan ride!

Haylie and Shelby took a moment to test out there crazy driving skills.

We watched the amazing World of Color show that night before heading back to the hotel. That was the end of day one at Disneyland!

We spent the next day relaxing on the beach and swimming at the hotel pool!

Taylor is the most darling uncle! He loves his little nieces.

Headed to the water! Jake and Taylor were the only two that got in to play in the waves on their boogie boards.

Haylie and her daddy.

Checking out the "big water"!

Hanging out with grandma and grandpa.

Shelby and Taylor "surfing" the sand. ;)

This is how Shelby and Haylie spent their time. They loved playing in the sand!

The next day was back to Disneyland! We had to grab a picture by the big Mickey Jack-o-lantern since we were there while it was decorated for Halloween!

Haylie and Shelby loved hanging out with Lightning McQueen and Mater!

Shelby decided to acknowledge Haylie quite a few times on this trip! ;) Here they are discussing the water fountains they were about to run through.

This is one of my favorite memories of the trip for some reason. I bought corn on the cob and was munching on it while walking around. While my sister ran to the bathroom I was offering bites to Haylie and asked Shelby if she wanted some too. So, we sat there all taking turns munching some corn on the cob together. It was so cute and fun. I love these girls.
Haylie's pants got wet from the fountains I mentioned in the last picture so I took them off her to dry in the sun so that's why she is hanging out in a diaper in this photo. ;)

We were also able to watch the cutest parade that night that Haylie sat in awe while watching. We stayed there until the park closed, the streets were so empty! Heather and I took this opportunity to run all around pushing our strollers through the empty main street! ;)
The next day was spent relaxing, swimming in the hotel pool again and going out to eat! We had a fun trip!
Then it was time to head home and get back to everyday life!

Some randoms..

Haylie likes to check herself out in the mirror. She thinks that she's pretty cool.

Reading with her daddy. These two are pretty cute together.

Apparently hanging out in the bathtub together is cool these days. All the babies are doing it.

A bucket is Haylie's usual choice of hat. ;)


First, I wanted to share this cute picture of Haylie and my brother Taylor from when he came to visit us in July. Aren't they adorable?

Alright, back to bubbles.
What kids doesn't love bubbles?! Haylie is no exception.

Family time!

In June we were able to fly to Utah and see lots of family!
We flew in to SLC and stayed at my parent's house for the night.
Grandpa made Haylie her very own delicious hamburger. She loved having her very own!

We then drove down to Cedar City to visit my grandma Garner since she had never met Haylie yet which meant that I hadn't seen her in a while!
Haylie had fun playing in her backyard just like I did when I was little. :)

My grandma's dog, Fluffy, was just Haylie's size.

Grandma and Haylie hanging out together.

I'm so glad we made the effort to drive the extra distance to see my grandma Garner. It was so great to see her and to have her meet Haylie Mae who got her middle name from my grandma. I'm especially grateful for this visit since my grandma passed away in August, just two months after visiting her. I'm thankful to have known her and for all the things she has taught me.

After leaving grandma's house, we headed up to Brian Head where we met up with the whole Taylor family for our big yearly family reunion.
We stayed in an awesome cabin with lots of space and lots of family! Haylie enjoyed this family reunion a lot more then last year. She loved all the attention she was getting from all her sweet cousins!
We went for a fun little hike.

Walked around with Nana. :)

We celebrated my niece's birthday on friday and then my birthday was saturday! We had yummy treats and got to sing Happy Birthday twice.
We ate some delicious meals together.
Haylie had a blast with her other little girl cousins as they splashed around in the giant bathtub together! They were all so darling.

Family photo by the gorgeous overlook.

It was such a fun time. We can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas time!

We then drove back up to Utah County, stopping at Cove Fort along the way. It was nice to get out, stretch our legs and enjoy the awesome guided tour through Cove Fort while I snapped photos. I'll have to post some of those another time.

The next day we took Haylie to the pool in Lindon. It was such a cute place and Haylie had a great time there. We got to have Haylie's grandma and Nana come join the fun!

She's such a daredevil. Haylie decided that sliding on her bum was way too slow so she started turning backwards and zooming down on her hands and knees! She's a fearless wild child for sure.

We were able to go out and spend time with Jake's Chris-mom and Poppy and have them spend time with Haylie.

Haylie was so spoiled by all her family during this week! She was eating it up.

Snuggles from grandma!

We had a wonderful trip and it was so great how much family we were able to spend time with and all the fun things we could do. It was also amazing that Haylie survived driving in the car for that long! :)

Pool time

Haylie loves the water so we filled up a little pool for her this summer to let her splash around in. She was not a fan for how cold the water was at first but she ended up having a fun time in there.
Slam dunk!

Lots of splashing!