Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new addition to our little family!!

Here is the newest member of our little Taylor family!

This is Sushi. Although, he goes by many, many names.
Sushi. Sumo. Sharkbait. Fishy. Flounder. Flipper. Phillip.
whatever comes to mind. :)

He's a talented fish. He can swim through the tiiiny hole of the fake rock in there!

Quite impressive.

He fights his own reflection in the glass.

What a tough guy.

^^Here's the proud parents! ;)

We love our new little fishy!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


A few people have done a recap of the past year and I decided that I wanted to do that, too!
Here is what has been happening in our lives this past year..

January 2008-
  • Jake is still training out in Raleigh, NC while Andrea is working at Doug Smith as a receptionist. Wedding preparations are pretty much all in order!


  • Andrea picks Jake up from the airport in the snowstorm of the century! It took 2 hours to get to the airport and 3 hours to get home.
  • 15th- Andrea goes to the temple and receives her endowment.
  • 16th- Jake and Andrea are sealed for time and all eternity in the Mt. Timpanogos temple! Reception at Thanksgiving Point that night then off to Midway for our honeymoon at the Zermatt!
  • Jake and Andrea fly out to Raleigh, NC cramming as much of Andrea's belongings in their suitcases as they can!
  • Jake leaves to WA for a business trip and Andrea's mom comes the NC to stay with Andrea.


  • Jake and Andrea fly to WA to look for apartments!
  • Drove up to Meadows of Dan to spend time with the Taylors! Stopped in Mt. Airy to see Jake's old stompin' grounds and walked around Old Salem.


  • Jake and Andrea get to watch General Conference together as a newly married couple. aww.. ;)
  • Drove to Boone to spend time with Uncle Mike, Aunt Penny and Rhett. Went to church at the branch in Boone.
  • 24th- packed up Jake's truck with all of our belongings and headed west! Stayed the night in Ashville at the Biltmore Inn.
  • 25th- drove to Nashville and stayed the night in the Opryland Hotel. Payed way too much money at a buffet there for some really crappy food.
  • 26th-27th- drove all day and all night until we arrived in Flagstaff, AZ the next morning. looong drive. we stayed at the Little America there.
  • 28th- finally arrive in Utah! Spent a week there packing our things up into a moving truck.


  • Jake drove the moving truck with Andrea's car towed behind it while Andrea followed in Jake's truck. spent the night in Idaho.
  • Arrive in WA! Candace and Judd were there and able to help us unpack some things from the moving truck. Thanks again, guys!
  • get settled in WA.


  • Andrea's 21st birthday! We ate at one of our favorite restaurants that is on the water of the Port of Olympia. Our waitress wasn't too bright. We nicknamed her Sailormoon.
  • Jake and Andrea were able to do temple sealings.


  • Jake and Andrea drive to Utah for the 4th of July weekend.
  • Rodeo with the Garners and Warnicks and playing at the Zermatt with the Taylors!
  • Andrea's family comes to visit WA!
  • Jake's 28th birthday! We saw the new Batman movie for his birthday. :)


  • Andrea is called to teach the 5-6 year olds in Primary!


  • Jake and Andrea take a trip! Drove to the Redwoods to campout for the night.
  • Drove the rest of the way to San Francisco and stayed in the Palace Hotel.
  • Andrea explored the area while Jake was in business meetings all day.
  • Rode the cable car to Ghirardelli Square for dinner and dessert.
  • Ate at Cheesecake Factory the last night. Drove home the next day.
  • Went to the BYU vs. UW game! Wahoo!
  • Zak comes to WA for business. We met up for dinner and ice cream!


  • General Conference!
  • Andrea flies to Utah to visit family!
  • Jake and Andrea attend a Halloween Progressive Dinner Party dressed as Cavemen!
  • Ward Halloween party at the Brown's Barn!


  • Stephanie's baby shower!
  • Andrea works at a scrapbooking show in Bellevue for 3 days and earned some extra Christmas money!
  • Jake took Andrea to see Twilight! :)
  • Jake and Andrea fly to Utah for Thanksgiving!


  • Jake flies back to WA for 2 weeks.
  • Andrea's parent's 25th anniversary!
  • Jake flies back to Utah!
  • Cousin's ugly sweater Christmas party!
  • Taylor Christmas party at Cory and Shannon's!
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
  • Andrea's sister, Heather, announces that they're having a baby!
  • Mya's baby blessing!
  • Skiing/snowboarding with the Taylors!
  • Jake and Andrea fly back home to WA!

What a crazy year, the time has gone by so quickly. It has been such a fun year for us! We're very excited for the year to come and to see what it has in store for us!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

a bit late...

So, my sister's birthday was last saturday (the 10th) and I forgot to put up a blog tribute to her! Heather is not only my big sister but she has been my best friend and roommate! She is such a great example to me and I'm so proud to call her my sister. I'm glad that she married such a great guy so that I know she's taken care of! :) I hope you had a great birthday!!
I love you, sister!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Jake and I took a stroll around Tacoma one day in Novenber and these are the pictures from it.
Enjoy! :)

I love my boots!

Hey, everyone! Come see how good my husband looks! ;)

Jake's quite the photographer! He took this one of me. :)
We got lucky enough to have the sun shine through the clouds and light up Mt. Rainier while we were out taking pictures. It looked awesome!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm so glad to be home in Washington again! It's so good to be back in our apartment. I miss seeing our families so much already though! Jake and I had a wonderful time with family during the holidays.
We have been getting settled in again here at home these past few days. Grocery shopping, laundry, a little cleaning, emptying suitcases and a whole lot of sleeping in! Jake doesn't go back to work until monday so we have been loving not needing to be anywhere.
I'll have to post some pictures from the holidays a little later.
Right now, we're heading out the door to spend some holiday money and see a movie!
Happy new year, everyone!!
P.S. I get to move up with my same primary class this year so I'll still have the same kids! I'm so glad!! Those kids are cute and so much fun. I'm glad I get to have them a bit longer!