Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 weeks!

I'm 10 weeks along today and our baby is now the size of a prune! We had our doctor's appointment today and thought we would have an ultrasound but we didn't. We did, however, get to hear the heartbeat!! There really is a baby in there!
It was neat to hear the steady beat of my heart and then the rapid beating of the baby's heart. I can't wait until we can see it though and find out what we're having!
So, I'm super bummed that I don't have ultrasound pictures to show off to everyone yet but that's our update on our little baby!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm missing my family today!
Jake went for an overnight hike with some guys from the ward and so I've just been hanging out by myself yesterday and today.
I usually like having a night to myself but I am missing my family this time!
I sure love and miss you ALL!!
See you guys soon!
P.S. I'll be 10 weeks on tuesday and we go in for our ultrasound that day!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have been seriously slacking on my blog updates lately. Sorry!

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that Jake and I are going to have a baby so no need to announce it! Here are some fun pictures though from the day we found out! :)

I found out the morning of April 16th, just before I was heading over for a get-together at my friend, Julina's house. I got there and couldn't contain the news! Julina was so excited and we screamed and hugged and jumped around! It was quite a sight, I'm sure. So, all the ladies gave me great ideas on how to tell Jake. I left the breakfast get-together a while later and headed to the dollar store for some decorations! Luckily, Jake and I had planned the day before to have lunch together that day so I knew I didn't have to wait until later that night for him to find out!

Here is a picture of our front room all decorated for him! Pink and blue streamers and balloons and Congrats DADDY on the wall!
In the baby gift bag was the positive pregnancy test! (that first pink line showed up sooo quickly!)

Jake is so excited and has been so sweet and supportive. I love him soo much! He is so amazing. Jake brought me home some beautiful flowers when he came home from work. He said that the mommy deserved a present, too! :)

So, here goes our journey into parenthood! We both would love to have a little girl first but I keep having the feeling that we're going to get a boy! We'll see!

I'm 7 weeks along right now and our due date is set for December 22nd! Our baby could possibly be sharing it's birthday with a cousin, an uncle or a great grandma! We were trying to avoid getting pregnant this month so we didn't have a Christmas baby but the Lord had something else in mind for us! This baby really has come at the perfect time and I feel so much closer to Jake in this new experience!

So far, no throwing up. I feel nauseous when I don't have food in my stomach which is difficult when nothing sounds good! Vicious cycle.

I'll be in Utah in 3 weeks so I hope to see the Taylor's on sunday (the 31st)! We sure do miss our families!! We are way excited for the Taylor Family Reunion at Bear Lake!