Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scripture Power!

...makes Haylie really tired.. ;)

It's never too early to read to your baby so, Jake and I figured, why not read to Haylie out of the best books?
We like to read our scriptures out loud to Haylie if she's awake during our study. She'll be an amazing scriptorian before she can even read! ;)
Haylie has her hands in her mouth aaaall the time now! She's drooling a lot, too. Her first teeth may be making their big debut in the near future! Hopefully not too soon, Haylie's a biter. ouch.
She'll be 3 months old this saturday!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New discoveries and new clothes

Haylie "found" her hands a while ago and looves to stare at them, talk to them and now drool all over her fist as she takes a taste of this new discovery. I can't help but sit and watch her play with her hands. Below is Haylie playing and talking to her hands. :) She concentrates so hard and gets her lips pursed out as she discovers what her hands can do! She is starting to grab on to things more now, too!

This last picture is Haylie in one of her new outfits! She has so many sleepers that are darling but I wanted her to have more outfits to dress up in. It makes her look so grown up to put her in clothes like this!

Since Haylie is using her hands so much now, I decided that she needed a playmat so she can play with the hanging toys instead of having mom in her face with a rattle. ;) She loves it! Haylie sure enjoys talking to her toys as well as her hands. She's quite the conversationalist already!