Monday, November 26, 2007


First, a big THANK YOU for Candace and her photo assistant, Judd! Our pictures are adorable. I'm having trouble picking a favorite! I think I'm going to throw together a few possibilities for the invitation layout to get some ideas and see if there is one I like the best! Maybe I'll post them on here and everyone can vote on which they like the best! Jake and I had a fun day with Candace and Judd even though we had to endure an early morning and freezing cold weather. It was all worth it!
Also, a thanks to Cory and Shannon for a wonderful Thanksgiving at the in-laws! I had such a good time. The food was great and the company was even better! I love you all! Thanks to Shannon for burning me a cd on saturday with some amazing songs. The Promise is one of my new favorite songs now! :)
Thank you to everyone for the fun times this week! I love to see you all and get to know you guys better. It was good to see Todd and Jane and their whole family. Looks like it's still a possibility to be living in Phoenix by you guys!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When Jake comes home..

These are our plans for when Jake gets home! (It's only 7 days away!)
Tuesday, Jake flies in late so it's straight to bed that night.
Wednesday, Jake and I are meeting with the wedding coordinator to plan out everything for the reception! That night, we are going to see the movie Fred Claus. I'm not sure what time exactly but everybody is invited to come along!
Thursday, Jake and I are coming to eat with the Taylor's! We'll be at Cory and Shannon's at 1:00, right? I heard that was the plan. We are going to head out to my Grandparent's house for some pie and to hang out there at about 6:00-ish.
Friday, we are going out with Candace to shoot our engagement pictures! That night, we are going to see the lights at Temple Square and everyone is invited to go to that, too! We are going to see if we can get tickets to see the Joseph Smith movie, too.
Saturday, I have to work in the morning and then Jake and I are picking out the pictures to put in our wedding video. We'll probably be hanging out with some friends that night.
Sunday, Jake flies out at 1:40. :( I always hate getting to that part!

So, that is the stuff we have going on for the Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited to have Jake home and to also have Todd and his family be here, too!

Only 94 days (3 months) until the wedding! :) :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A quick post.

I just thought I would quickly blog this moment...
Just 99 days until the wedding day!!! We started out in like the 170's, I think? Now, we're down to just the double digits! Only 3 months and a couple days left to go! Jake will be home to visit in only 12 days for Thanksgiving week!
I am soo excited to have him back home again. We have a lot of fun things planned out! We are going out to take our engagement photos with Candace on friday, the day after Thanksgiving! That is going to be a blast.
I just went to have my bustle put on my dress and get it pressed today! I went with the traditional bustle instead of a french bustle like I originally wanted. It looks so much better with the style of my dress and it's soo much easier than the double french bustle. It is going to look so gorgeous! It will be ready for me to pick up on the 26th!
Things are so great! I couldn't be happier! :)