Saturday, December 11, 2010


These are generally in order of how they happened. Sort of.
Haylie with a cute but very mini ponytail.

Jake had to go out of town on business so Haylie and I tagged along! We spent a few days in Chelan, WA where we had a beautiful view and the lake right outside our hotel door! Haylie and I wandered around Main street, checking out the stores and restaurants. Haylie loved when we would chase after the birds on the beach.
Here we sat out on the grass getting some fresh air and looking at the beautiful view of Lake Chelan.

We ate at the Blueberry Hill Restaurant before we drove home. It was this cute barn with the restaurant in the top. We ate on the balcony and had the perfect view of the blueberry vines and apple orchards. Haylie was not happy with the 4 hour drive we had back home but we made it through! It turned out to be quite a fun trip, though.

Now that Haylie is mobile, she has started exploring everything! She decided to empty out anything she could reach from the pantry as I cooked dinner. Her expression says, "It wasn't me.."

My beautiful girl. She actually kept her headband on for about an hour and a half that day. Shocking!

My family came to visit at the beginning on November. Haylie was star-struck again to have Shelby around. It was so fun to have them all here and to have room for everyone! We had an early Thanksgiving dinner together, they helped us paint 2 rooms and we had fun just being together.

Grandma bought Haylie an early present here so we didn't have to travel with it when we visit in December. Haylie was starting to push the laundry basket all around the house, trying out her legs, so she needed a walker stroller to keep her moving!
Haylie decided she needed to help her dad put it together. :)

Here she is testing it out! She loves it! She goes for "strolls" up and down our long hallway.

All dressed up to go shopping at the mall!

What a cute little stinker! She was munching on this carrot forever! She would hold it in her mouth like this and go crawling around everywhere with it sticking out. She thinks she's so funny. ;)

These Halloween pictures are a bit out of order. Oh well.
We had some friends over for dinner that night and handed out candy.
Haylie showing off the leftover candy we had after Halloween night. I was sooo excited to have trick or treaters come to our house this year now that we are out of the apartments!

At our playgroup before Halloween, we had all our babies dress up in their costumes together. It was quite an ordeal to get them all together for a picture. Lots of happy babies... ;)

I grabbed some pictures of Haylie in her Halloween outfit on our front porch before we went to playgroup that day. She sure does "love her Mummy"!

She dressed up as a pumpkin!

Yep, we are the proud parents of a monkey baby! Haylie, when on carpet, crawls on her knuckles.

Such a glamour girl.

She's ready to take off running any day now!

There's a very brief update of a few things we have been up to! We are so excited to celebrate Christmas and Haylie's FIRST birthday while we are in Utah with family! This year has flown by. We are so in love with our sweet and sassy Haylie girl!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're still alive!

I realize that I haven't posted a new blog since October. We really have been up to fun stuff since then but my computer has major issues and I'm not able to upload pictures onto blogger! And, really, how fun are my blog entries without some fun pictures of Haylie to look at? The answer is, not very! ;)
So, I apologize for the lack of updates. We are still alive and doing well up here in WA! We had a fun Halloween; 3 thanksgiving dinners in November; survived a 12 hour power outage; Haylie is pretty much walking and is saying "mama"; we have our Christmas tree, lights and decorations all up and we're ready for Christmas time!
I'll have to hop on Jake's computer soon to overload you all with the pictures I've snapped over the past few months. ;)
We miss our family that is far away and can't wait to see them for Christmas!
Love you all!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

California and Disneyland!

For my "family reunion", we all met up in California and played!
The first day we got there we all relaxed in the hotel room and ate some yummy burgers and Haylie decided to start crawling right then in front of everyone! :) We headed off to Disneyland for the next two days! Haylie did great for being stuck in her stroller pretty much the whole time. I had no idea the accomodations that the Disney parks had for children until now! It was so great to have a place to go to feed and change Haylie.
Here are our adventures at Disneyland!
Haylie in her carseat just as we arrived at Disneyland! She is so excited! :)

Haylie and Shelby playing in the marble ball "fountain".

We got to see Minnie! I was so worried that Haylie would be terrified as I walked up there but she LOVED Minnie!! It was adorable. Minnie was pinching her cheeks and getting her to smile so big.

Heather snagged a First Visit button for Haylie that she sported on her stroller.

I took this picture while we were waiting to watch the new World of Color show. The show was so great and I may have teared up in it a few times.. I love Disneyland! ;)

Disneyland, Day 2.
This is Haylie on the Monsters, Inc. ride. She also got to ride Pirates of the Carribean, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan. She never was scared but just sat so good taking everything in!

This is the stuffed animal that Uncle Tay won for her! She loves it. It's the mouse on Dumbo and I still can't remember his name! Does he even have a name in the movie? I dunno. Haylie is cute, though. ;)

Heather, Shelby and my momma!

Our little family of 3. :) We were all waiting for a parade to start!

Haylie watching the parade with her da-da.

I think Haylie and Heimlich have the same size cheeks. ;)

That was such a fun trip to Disneyland but it sure is a different experience with babies in tow! I still got to ride all the "big girl" rides this time, last year I was pregnant with little one and couldn't ride very many.

Day four, we had a delicious lunch at Good Stuff and then we headed to the beach! It was a bit chilly but Haylie got to see the beach for the first time!

Cute toes got to play in the sand.

Sunday, we went to church at Heather's ward then headed back to their house for some yummy breakfast food and delicious tacos later for dinner. Haylie and Shelby got to play toys together and bonded a bit more. Haylie always looks at Shelby with this star-struck look in her eyes. (this is when we took that video of Shelby and Haylie together)

We made everyone pile on the couch to snap some photos because it isn't often that we all are in the same place together!

Our last day, we ate lunch together at Cheesecake Factory.

The girls! (not sure why I felt I needed to crouch down for the picture..)

Haylie sporting grandpa's sunglasses.

Tay Tay!

After lunch, we headed to the airport all to go our separate ways. :(
What a fun vacation, though!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look at her go!

Haylie just decided to start crawling the first day of our vacation in California at the beginning on September! When we left home, she wasn't crawling but, when we landed in Cali and were all hanging out at our hotel room, she was! Here is a video of some of her first "crawls"! (ignore my high-pitched voice on both videos. I need to remember to not say anything when the camera is rolling! ;))

Here is Haylie crawling like a pro these days!

This is a video of what she really enjoys doing all day. She has since lost interest in her toys and would rather crawl around all day finding new things to pull up on! She'll be walking in no time, I'm sure.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I loooove this video!

Shelby finally showed some interest in Haylie and Haylie just looked star-struck whenever she saw Shebly nearby. Pretty sure Shelby could have poked her in the eye and Haylie would have still looked in awe at her. ;) Such cute cousins! I'm pretty sure they're best friends already.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taylor Family reunion 2010

I'm a little behind with posting about this but I had to share the cute pictures I have from the Taylor family reunion we had in August!
Haylie had a rough time on this visit. She struggled with all the chaos of being in an airport, flying on a plane, having her feeding and napping schedules interrupted, lots of different car rides, staying in a strange place and meeting sooo many new people! It was quite overwhelming. We got her doing better by the end of the trip and she started warming up to her big family! The Taylor cousins were so cute with her, they just wanted to play with her so much! We had a great time seeing the WHOLE Taylor family. It was so great to have everyone in the same place and to spend time with them all.

The whole, entire Taylor family!

Our little family!

Haylie went swimming for the first time and LOVED it!
Here is Haylie with her sweet cousin!

Haylie was splashing in the water and it was splashing into her face. She didn't seem to mind at all! She was having so much fun.

We got her this floaty toy for the pool but she wasn't quite big enough for it. She still loved playing with the little toys.

The three of us playing in the water.

Out for a sunday walk in her stroller!

I went for a ride on the beach cruiser! It was funny to see the boys in the family riding this pink bike around. :)

Our little "cupie" doll.

Haylie with her Nana! Haylie was nice enough to let some family members hold her for brief periods of time while we were there. ;)

Haylie and her cousin cruisin' down the canyon together. They both fell sound asleep soon after I snapped this picture.

On the plane ride home!
She did quite well on the plane rides. She's such a good girl!

Haylie was glad to be home in her own house. It was so sweet to see that she knew her house and bed. :)
We miss our big, wild Taylor family so much!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Before and after.

We returned home last night to a FRESHLY PAINTED HOUSE!!!

The painters had just begun a big apartment job a little while ago so they wouldn't be able to paint our house for a few weeks. We were so bummed! We left for California thinking that we would finally get it painted hopefully pretty soon after we got back. As we pulled up to our house late last night, I looked for our still ugly brown garage door and realized it was a different color!
The painters, without calling to notify us, came and painted! What a great welcome home present. :)
It was hard to tell what it looked like in the dark last night but we ran out in our pjs this morning to check it out. We looove it!
So, here is our wonderful home's before and after shot.

Before, in all its brown and orange glory. :/

After! (notice the big, ugly antenna is gone, also)

Now we are moving on to updating the inside. New interior paint and carpet are coming up!