Tuesday, October 12, 2010

California and Disneyland!

For my "family reunion", we all met up in California and played!
The first day we got there we all relaxed in the hotel room and ate some yummy burgers and Haylie decided to start crawling right then in front of everyone! :) We headed off to Disneyland for the next two days! Haylie did great for being stuck in her stroller pretty much the whole time. I had no idea the accomodations that the Disney parks had for children until now! It was so great to have a place to go to feed and change Haylie.
Here are our adventures at Disneyland!
Haylie in her carseat just as we arrived at Disneyland! She is so excited! :)

Haylie and Shelby playing in the marble ball "fountain".

We got to see Minnie! I was so worried that Haylie would be terrified as I walked up there but she LOVED Minnie!! It was adorable. Minnie was pinching her cheeks and getting her to smile so big.

Heather snagged a First Visit button for Haylie that she sported on her stroller.

I took this picture while we were waiting to watch the new World of Color show. The show was so great and I may have teared up in it a few times.. I love Disneyland! ;)

Disneyland, Day 2.
This is Haylie on the Monsters, Inc. ride. She also got to ride Pirates of the Carribean, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan. She never was scared but just sat so good taking everything in!

This is the stuffed animal that Uncle Tay won for her! She loves it. It's the mouse on Dumbo and I still can't remember his name! Does he even have a name in the movie? I dunno. Haylie is cute, though. ;)

Heather, Shelby and my momma!

Our little family of 3. :) We were all waiting for a parade to start!

Haylie watching the parade with her da-da.

I think Haylie and Heimlich have the same size cheeks. ;)

That was such a fun trip to Disneyland but it sure is a different experience with babies in tow! I still got to ride all the "big girl" rides this time, last year I was pregnant with little one and couldn't ride very many.

Day four, we had a delicious lunch at Good Stuff and then we headed to the beach! It was a bit chilly but Haylie got to see the beach for the first time!

Cute toes got to play in the sand.

Sunday, we went to church at Heather's ward then headed back to their house for some yummy breakfast food and delicious tacos later for dinner. Haylie and Shelby got to play toys together and bonded a bit more. Haylie always looks at Shelby with this star-struck look in her eyes. (this is when we took that video of Shelby and Haylie together)

We made everyone pile on the couch to snap some photos because it isn't often that we all are in the same place together!

Our last day, we ate lunch together at Cheesecake Factory.

The girls! (not sure why I felt I needed to crouch down for the picture..)

Haylie sporting grandpa's sunglasses.

Tay Tay!

After lunch, we headed to the airport all to go our separate ways. :(
What a fun vacation, though!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look at her go!

Haylie just decided to start crawling the first day of our vacation in California at the beginning on September! When we left home, she wasn't crawling but, when we landed in Cali and were all hanging out at our hotel room, she was! Here is a video of some of her first "crawls"! (ignore my high-pitched voice on both videos. I need to remember to not say anything when the camera is rolling! ;))

Here is Haylie crawling like a pro these days!

This is a video of what she really enjoys doing all day. She has since lost interest in her toys and would rather crawl around all day finding new things to pull up on! She'll be walking in no time, I'm sure.