Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jake's 30th birthday!

Here's the birthday boy!

We went out to eat at Budd Bay Cafe down in the Port of Olympia. The restaurant is right along the waterfront so we had to eat outside with the beautiful weather and gorgeous view.
Haylie got all dolled up for dinner in her party dress.

Baby and Daddy.

Sweetest picture ever! I love seeing these two together.

We went on a walk down the boardwalk after we ate to look at all the boats and water while Jake got to chat with his family as they all seemed to call at the same time to wish him happy birthday. He loved it and was happy to hear from his family.

We love you, Jake! Enjoy being 30! :)

rollin', rollin', rollin'

Haylie FINALLY rolls over from back to tummy! It only took her 7 months to do it! ;) I had our baby play group at my house on thursday and I think Haylie was jealous of all the other babies crawling circles around her! She has been rolling ever since!

She is already trying to pull up on things. Crawling is over-rated, Haylie is going to move right on to running! ;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our humble home.

Here is our house! These were taken the day we got the keys. What a crazy feeling it was to go into this house and know that it was ours! :)

Here is our little family in our new-to-us house!

Front room. This color of carpet I like to call orange sherbet.

Kitchen. I looove how big it is! I don't even have enough stuff to fill all the cabinets! Guess I better buy more stuff! ;)

The entry and hallway.

Backyard and deck.

Haylie hanging out in her new room! This color carpet I call dusty rose.

Jake's office/ my craft room. Carpet color: Cougar Blue!

Haylie's bathroom.

Master bedroom. Carpet color in here: Seafoam green. yeah.

Master bathroom.

Master walk-in closet.

laundry room/ garage entry.



We got the roof replaced the day we moved in and our new siding is all up so no more brown house and mossy roof!! yippie! The painters should be coming next week. It's like we got a whole new house on the outside!
I'm still working on cleaning EVERYTHING inside. Getting rid of cobwebs and dust, washing walls, disinfecting lightswitches and door handles and both of us working on cleaning the gross blinds. I can't believe people were living in such gross-ness. We can't wait until we can replace the carpets (we're not really diggin' the rainbow of colors that is going on.) and paint the walls. This house is just what we wanted. We are loving fixing it up and making it into our home.
We have lots of extra space now so family and friends are ALWAYS welcome to come stay with us! :)

All about Haylie

Haylie got a tutu! It's cute and fun but usually just ends up in her mouth. ;)

Mama and baby!

Our cute little family. :)

Sitting up in a high chair while out to eat! Haylie was loving it.

Haylie is loving her teddy bear. She snuggles and drools on it often.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catch up

I have so many pictures to share that have been piling up during our move! I finally made the time to put some of them up for everyone. Enjoy!

I love this picture! This was Haylie laying and playing on the floor in her new room the day we got the keys to our house! She's so beautiful.

Haylie's colorful bandaids after her 6 month appointment and shots a few weeks ago. :( She's a tough girl, though! She weighed in at 17 lbs 5 oz and is 26 1/2 inches long. Both is the 75 percentile! She is healthy and growing!

Jake got to pick out his power drill as part of his Father's day gifts. He loves it!

Jake and his little baby girl on Father's day!

I took this picture during the week I was letting Haylie "cry it out" when going to sleep. Such a hard, sad week but the results are WONDERFUL! This is how she ended up falling asleep one of the times. Such a hard life. ;)

Giggles with Grandpa

My dad flew up to help us move into our new house. It was so great to have him here! He certainly helped us so much. Thank you sooo much, Dad!
During our few moments of rest, inbetween lots of work, Grandpa G got to spend time playing with Haylie and getting to know her better. Haylie sure loves her grandpa and his funny noises! I love her big laughs!