Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Jake and I decided to get out camping this long weekend and we had a great time! We were both worried about the fact that we had no idea where to go but we started driving off towards Shelton and happened to find a really great place! There was a really cool campground in this National Forest that was just perfect. We didn't have any firewood but happened to pass by this dumpy, double-wide trailer where a guy was selling firewood for $20. That worked out nicely! We found an open campsite, set up our tent, got a fire going and got to relax outdoors. Jake got to play with his knife and flint up there! He was pretty happy about that! We were going to make tinfoil dinners but ran out of foil and it was sunday so we couldn't go buy more. Instead, we used that little bit of foil for some veggies and we cooked hotdogs over the fire. It was delicious! And, of course, we had smores! Mm, they were good. As we were finishing eating, it decided to rain! The forecast said that there were chances of rain all weekend. We scrambled to get everything put away and to cover the firewood but, as soon as we did, the rain quit and didn't rain again the whole time! Crazy. Jake and I were so glad to get up in the mountains.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Jake and I are in Washington and feeling pretty settled here already. We are done unpacking boxes and generally have everything put in it's place. Next thing to do is hang up pictures and put a slipcover on our 25 year old couches. It has been fun making this apartment our home. It was a bit hard to do that with the Raleigh apartment since there wasn't many of our things there and we wouldn't be living there much longer. It's been great to have familiar things and things that Jake and I have bought together.
We originally planned to wait on getting a tv but we got here and decided that we wanted one! After many trips to different stores, we decided on a 32" Visio from Costco. It's been great! Another big purchase was our dining table and chairs. We got a 5-piece set for $299 at this furniture discount store! Sweet deal. It has black legs on the table and chairs and the top of the table and seats of the chairs are a dark brown wood. Also, we bought a Dyson! We got the Dyson Slim and it is wonderful! I love it.
It has actually been great weather here. I guess we better enjoy it while it lasts..
Everyone come visit us!