Saturday, January 29, 2011

Haylie's first Christmas.

It seems strange that this was Haylie's first Christmas even though she was almost a year old. She missed last year's Christmas by just 2 days but it was so fun to have her so aware of what was going on!

Haylie by our Christmas tree at home.

This was at our Ward Christmas party where Haylie sat on Santa's lap for the first time! She didn't cry but she really wasn't sure about the big, bearded guy.

I only have the copy that the ward printed of the picture of Haylie on Santa's lap so I don't have a copy to put up on here. :(
This is Haylie holding the gift she got from Santa! She was just thrilled that it crinkled.

We flew out to Utah in time to be at the Taylor family party the sunday before Christmas. We're so glad we made sure we were there for that. We spending time with the family, watching the darling nativity scene put on by all the cousins, feeling the Spirit and enjoying some delicious food! The Taylors know how to party!
Haylie played the part of a sheep in the nativity. She actually sat up there good for a lot longer then I expected! Are my nieces and nephews darling?!

There are now 7 birthdays in December in the Taylor family (including Haylie now) so we make sure we always sing to all the December birthdays while the family is together!

Haylie got to enjoy her very own piece of delicious carrot cake! She loved being able to dig right in and feed herself.

December 23rd is another birthday that all the Taylors celebrate. Grandma Hansen's birthday is that day and there is always a big, gigantic party just for her! The family has grown so much that we had to have it in the church gym this year!
Haylie was NOT so thrilled about sitting on Santa's lap this time. Can ya tell? ;)

The gorgeous Grandma Hansen.

We spent Christmas Eve with the Garners. We went out to eat at a favorite Chinese restaurant and went up to see the lights at Temple Square! I forgot Haylie's stroller that night but Haylie's cousin Shelby was sweet enough to let us borrow hers. Shelby was far too busy running around, checking everything out to sit in a stroller anyway. ;)

The whole gang! I love being on the temple grounds. It's not quite as peaceful as being in the temple but there is certainly a wonderful spirit there.

Next, we went back to my parent's house to open our Christmas Eve jammies! Haylie got two new pairs and looks so darling in them!

She was busy making phone calls on Grandma's toy cell phone.

Yeah, this is what Haylie was doing as we were all up and ready to open gifts. Wake up, little one!!

Checking out all the presents with her Dad!

Haylie caught on to ripping off the wrapping paper rather quickly!

Jake's new Ecco dress shoes! His old ones were the same pair he bought right after his mission. It was most certainly time to update. ;)

We then headed over the Nana and Papa's for more gift opening!
Haylie LOVED Nana's big Minnie Mouse!

Opening gifts from Nana and Papa!

Nana was so sweet and bought Haylie her very own Minnie for her birthday! Haylie loves it.

Haylie and her cousin Lottie playing!

We had such a great Christmas and loved being with our families this year. Last year wasn't quite as fun as Jake and I sat at home with me hugely pregnant and wishing we could be with our family. We love you all!
Coming up in my next post is Haylie's first birthday! :)