Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jake comes in the morning!

I'll be driving to the airport tomorrow morning to pick up Jake! I'm hoping that there isn't another blizzard while I'm trying to get up there. It's Jake's fault for wanting snow when he comes home!
I am getting suuuuper excited about Christmas! This year has been so fun to shop for people even though I ended up out shopping for 5 1/2 hours by myself yesterday. Yikes! I can't even count how many times I got in and out of my car...I went just about everywhere! I have finally gotten everything I need and almost have everything wrapped!
So, I guess everybody has heard the news about Washington. I am soo excited! Washington has sounded the best to me from the beginning and I am glad that that is where we ended up. It is the perfect place for Jake and I to be.'s 3 hours from Forks! I was thinking that maaaybe our girls trip could be a trip to Forks! I don't know if that could be a possibility but I'm just throwing that option out there! If I don't end up going with a bunch of girls that love the books like I do then I'll have to drag Jake along. Poor boy. ;) I think he would be a good sport about it though! Washington looks so beautiful and I can't wait to get out there and start photographing!! There will be tons of landscape shots for me to capture. So exciting!
More good news...I ended up with a B- in my photo 2 class this semester! I should have been pushing for an A like I got in photo 1 but I struggled this semester and a B- is well over what I probably deserved! I felt like I hit a wall in my photography and wasn't really feeling the same passion for it but I'm getting it back! But thank goodness the semester is over. Here is one of the pictures that I took digitally when I went out photographing with Candace! It looks kind of like one of my final photos that I printed from my film camera.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We decided to go out for a treat for our FHE on monday so we went to Thanksgiving Point! After eating a delicious brownie sundae, my family wanted to see a movie of some sort. We ended up going to watch the 3D sea monsters movie at Thanksgiving Point. I couldn't resist getting picutres of our amazing 3D glasses! We were being rowdy and having fun all by ourselves in the theatre until this couple came walking in so we had to calm down. ;)
It was a fun FHE night! We watched the house that has all the lights and music to go along with it on the way home. I love it!

I forgot to tell everyone that I picked out the wedding cake! It's from Cakes by Dawna! Here's a picture of it! It's the buttercream icing. Just imagine it with flowers that are our colors. Lots of green and white flowers and accents of deep purple Callalillies! Sooo gorgeous.

Today is my photo 2 final photo critique! Pretty stressful but I'm so glad to have it over with. My mat boards that I had to cut myself didn't turn out so well. I cut the opening a little too big for the pictures so you can see some of the white paper showing through. What a pain! Oh well. I'm happy with the pictures though!

Jake will be home in just 9 sleeps! ;) I can't wait!

Also, for the women, my sister is throwing me a bridal shower while she is here for Christmas! It's going to be on the 29th at 2:00. You all will be getting invites to come but also know that Candy will be doing one for the Hansen side too! If you can't make it to this one then it's alright! It's going to be fun to see everyone for Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parent's 24th anniversary! They went out to eat at the Chef's Table on saturday night. I'm so jealous! They have been such amazing parents to me and to my brother and sister. I am especially grateful that they have raised us in the Gospel and been so faithful in the church. My dad was a convert when we was 19. He used to be a big partier and never had much religion in his life until he ran into the missionaries one day. It just so happened that his landlord was having the missionaries over for lunch at the exact time that my dad was going to pay his rent! So, he took the discussions, was baptized and served an 18 month mission in Boston, Mass. He has been a faithful member ever since he joined the church. My mom was raised in the church but wasn't super active considering the fact that her mother was constantly getting married and divorced, sometimes in the temple, sometimes not. So, my mom came back to church just as my dad was about to come home from his mission. They knew each other back in their high school days because my dad was best friends with my mom's boyfriend at the time. My mom was at the airport when my dad came home (along with a bunch of other crazy girls that were hanging all over him) and they began dating after that and were married in the Salt Lake Temple on this day 24 years ago! My parents have been such a strength to me and I appreciate everything that they have ever done for me and our family!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I can finally breathe! So, last week I had a meltdown because I realized that it was the last week of my photo class and I had hardly done anything for it! All my pictures are due on wednesday and I have to put 3 of them in mat board to present in class that day. Yikes! I don't know why I couldn't find the motivation to do much of anything for that class this semester but I have barely put anytime or effort into it until these past few days. Thanks to Candace, I went out photographing on tuesday night and got some good shots and had lots of fun hanging out with a friend! I took some more pictures the next day and yesterday. I was suuuuper worried that I wouldn't be able to develop all my pictures and get the mat board cut for them in time but I did it! I had until 5:00 today to get pictures printed and cut my mat board and I got it all done with 20 minutes to spare! :) I'm not super excited about the pictures that I printed but they'll do. I'm just too much of a perfectionist! So, now I just need to press my pictures to make them flat and pretty and tape them into the mat boards! *sigh* I can finally breathe!!
Also, I forgot to tell everyone that I saw Enchanted!! Suuuuch a cute movie. I loved it! I'm going to make Jake watch it with me when we own it! I'm sure he's thrilled. ;)
I'm so excited to have Jake home soon and see everyone during the holidays!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Families are forever.

My family decided to get dressed up after church today and go take our family Christmas card picture today in the beautiful snow. It was gorgeous driving up the canyon and seeing everything covered in the white snow! Here's our favorite shot!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


First, a big THANK YOU for Candace and her photo assistant, Judd! Our pictures are adorable. I'm having trouble picking a favorite! I think I'm going to throw together a few possibilities for the invitation layout to get some ideas and see if there is one I like the best! Maybe I'll post them on here and everyone can vote on which they like the best! Jake and I had a fun day with Candace and Judd even though we had to endure an early morning and freezing cold weather. It was all worth it!
Also, a thanks to Cory and Shannon for a wonderful Thanksgiving at the in-laws! I had such a good time. The food was great and the company was even better! I love you all! Thanks to Shannon for burning me a cd on saturday with some amazing songs. The Promise is one of my new favorite songs now! :)
Thank you to everyone for the fun times this week! I love to see you all and get to know you guys better. It was good to see Todd and Jane and their whole family. Looks like it's still a possibility to be living in Phoenix by you guys!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When Jake comes home..

These are our plans for when Jake gets home! (It's only 7 days away!)
Tuesday, Jake flies in late so it's straight to bed that night.
Wednesday, Jake and I are meeting with the wedding coordinator to plan out everything for the reception! That night, we are going to see the movie Fred Claus. I'm not sure what time exactly but everybody is invited to come along!
Thursday, Jake and I are coming to eat with the Taylor's! We'll be at Cory and Shannon's at 1:00, right? I heard that was the plan. We are going to head out to my Grandparent's house for some pie and to hang out there at about 6:00-ish.
Friday, we are going out with Candace to shoot our engagement pictures! That night, we are going to see the lights at Temple Square and everyone is invited to go to that, too! We are going to see if we can get tickets to see the Joseph Smith movie, too.
Saturday, I have to work in the morning and then Jake and I are picking out the pictures to put in our wedding video. We'll probably be hanging out with some friends that night.
Sunday, Jake flies out at 1:40. :( I always hate getting to that part!

So, that is the stuff we have going on for the Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited to have Jake home and to also have Todd and his family be here, too!

Only 94 days (3 months) until the wedding! :) :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A quick post.

I just thought I would quickly blog this moment...
Just 99 days until the wedding day!!! We started out in like the 170's, I think? Now, we're down to just the double digits! Only 3 months and a couple days left to go! Jake will be home to visit in only 12 days for Thanksgiving week!
I am soo excited to have him back home again. We have a lot of fun things planned out! We are going out to take our engagement photos with Candace on friday, the day after Thanksgiving! That is going to be a blast.
I just went to have my bustle put on my dress and get it pressed today! I went with the traditional bustle instead of a french bustle like I originally wanted. It looks so much better with the style of my dress and it's soo much easier than the double french bustle. It is going to look so gorgeous! It will be ready for me to pick up on the 26th!
Things are so great! I couldn't be happier! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

About me..

Jake informed me yesterday that my blog was in need of an update and I see that I've been tagged twice to share 7 random facts about myself they are! Everyone will be able to get to know me a little bit better!
  1. When it gets late at night and I haven't had much sleep and I don't allow my body to get tired and sleep, it starts to find ways to stay awake. My mind is not quite alert but my body is still moving around and there isn't much filtration happening when I start to talk. I call this being "loopy". Jake has seen this side of me a couple times and he has still stuck around! In this phase, I tend to have major A.D.D. and I blurt out a lot of random thoughts. I think Jake is quite entertained by it.
  2. I have cut my head open twice. I still have a little scar on the top of my head from the second time it happened. The first time happened when I was real little, before I had even started school, and a whole bunch of us neighborhood kids were digging in this kid's sandbox to see how deep we could dig but there weren't enough tools for everyone so I just watched while they dug. I saw a huge dirt clot at the side of the sandbox and decided to pick it up just as the kid across from me swung the garden hoe and it came down on the back of my head. ouch. No stitches needed though! The second time happened when I was in 1st grade and we were living in Colorado at the time. We were at the ice rink while my sister was having her skating lessons when my younger brother took off and ran under the bleachers. My mom asked me to go get him but he decided to be stubborn and run away from me. So, I started to chase him out to the other side of the bleachers. I was all hunched over so I could run underneath the bars and my back started to hurt so I stood up a bit to stretch it out as I am still running under the bleachers and I end up charging straight into one of the bars. My mom said that it didn't knock me out but I don't remember anything from the time I hit the bar until I was laying on my back with people all around me and I had ice on my head. I went to the emergency room and had stitches and still have a scar from that one!
  3. I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes it's a good thing but it's also bad. It makes me very detail oriented but that makes me take longer to do things. Also, I hesitate to start projects and other things because I worry myself to death that it won't be perfect.
  4. I absolutely love the stars and I love the rain.
  5. I have a big fear of drowning. I'm okay to play around in the water but I hate being pushed under the water or jumping into deep water, especially without a life jacket on.
  6. I have a great love for the scriptures and the gospel. I really love to learn new things as I read the scriptures and other religious books. It amazing how much there is to learn and how much potential we have!
  7. Hm...I don't know how to phrase this one... I love to try new things and try to experience as much as I can. I have played so many different sports, been friends with many different people with different interests so that I can learn about those things from them, I always watch movies or see people doing something cool and I automatically want to do it too. I wanted to be a stunt/racecar driver at one point, then a ballroom dancer, a florist, second attendant in the rodeo royalty(Jake will probably be the only one to get that ;)...the list goes on to just about anything you could imagine.

Wow, those were long. I hope you got through them all and have learned a bit more about me! I could keep going on! But I won't. ;)

There's not much to update everyone one...that's probably why I haven't blogged in a while! I should be at the Hansen Halloween party tomorrow so I can see everyone and all the costumes! I'm so excited for this Holiday season!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Best weekend EVER!

Yeah, so...pretty much this weekend was THE best. :)
Thanks again to everybody for helping out and making our engagement day so great. Thanks girls, and Boston, for decorating my room and putting so much time into that and carving pumpkins! I love it all.
Also, thanks to Cory and Shannon for the wonderful FHE! I love being around the family, you guys are amazing. A special thanks to Cory for giving Jake some new clothes! He had to use an extra bag to bring more stuff back to NC with him!
Jake actually got to the airport and really boarded the plane back to NC. I tried to talk him into staying just a bit longer but I guess jobs are somewhat important for survival. Something like that. ;) This good-bye wasn't so sad as others have been. It's nice to know that Jake is going to be back at the end of November and that I have that to look forward to. Plus, I am so excited to show off my ring to EVERYONE! Especially the salesman at my work that kept saying that I wasn't getting married and always looking to see if I had my ring yet. haha!
I'm so excited to have Jake back here for Thanksgiving and that I get to spend it with all of you! Jake and I were planning to go walk around Temple Square that weekend to see the lights. I think Candace and Judd were wanting to come and we wanted to let everyone know that they are invited and should come see the lights! I'm not sure if we are going to go friday or saturday yet but we'll figure it out.
Pretty much all the wedding planning that is happening right now is getting together the wedding list. Yikes. We have to figure out how many people we expect for the reception before we meet with our coordinator the wednesday before Thanksgiving.
I'm super bummed that I can't go to New York with all you girls but I'll be there for the next girl's trip! Have a blast this weekend!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yaaay! Engaged!

Engaged, finally! It's actually for real now!
Thanks to everyone for helping Jake out and making this day sooo amazing. Don't worry, I forgive you all for keeping secrets from me... ;)
Todd and Jane and family, we're going to post the video that Shea and Judd shot for you guys to see!
Ahh! Today has been suuuch a perfect day. Jake went above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for! He never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful to have him in my life and that I get to be sealed to him in the temple. I am very grateful to have such a great family that I am gaining. I love you all! Thanks again to everyone for welcoming me into the family and being such wonderful people!
I just wanted to blog this moment real fast. I need to get to sleep so I can get Jake to the airport in the morning. :(

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I am way excited for General Conference this weekend. I'm sad that I have to miss the morning session on saturday since I will be stuck at work until 1:30 but thank goodness for TiVo! I'll be able to catch up later. I love conference time, it's so fun to be with the family! My mom and I always put together a puzzle while we listen to conference on sunday. It's a fun little tradition we have and I love puzzles! I'm very interested to see who the new member of the first presidency is and the new apostle. It will be a great weekend.
I hope everyone was able to get their dresses and that they work for everyone! Thanks to you all for being such a great help. Jake emailed Zak to tell him that all the girls are wearing the same dress and that Aimee is welcome to get the same dress but I guess she won't be buying one. Just a heads up to everyone. We're not even sure if she'll come to the wedding. I hope she will so that I have the chance to meet her but I guess it's just her choice.
Shannon, I was thinking that I need a new swimsuit for Hawaii since I've had the same one for 2 years now and I love the Hapari ones! Jake said you can help me get a discount on one? Also, I was thinking of doing my bridal portraits in December or January so that I could go out on the frozen Utah Lake for some cool shots so we can practice my hair-do anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, whenever you're able!
I don't have a whole lot of wedding stuff to worry about right now. I scheduled an appointment with our coordinator for the day before Thanksgiving, when Jake is here, so there's not much else to do before then. It's kind of nice to have so much done already. I can actually kick back and breathe!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My mom and I ordered the purple dress to see how it looks in person and how it fits. We got it yesterday and I tried it on last night. It's super cute! If any of you want to see it on in person, let me know before this weekend because we're sending it off to my sister in California. So, that's the dress if everyone is still liking it! I ordered a small and it fit me well so you girls can use that as a "fitting guide". I think the new line comes out November 1st and I don't think it'll be available after then so order them soon in case you need to exchange sizes or anything! I tried it on with black pumps and that looked cute so you can wear whatever kind of black shoes you want!

Next, I need to work on finding the guys' ties. I'm having Jake help me pick those out when he is here for Thanksgiving. I have a feeling that Jake's visits out here are going to be filled with lots of wedding stuff. We're, also, doing our engagement pictures during Thanksgiving weekend...if I'm officially engaged by then and have a pretty ring on my finger.. ;)

Candace and I got to hang out lots this weekend! I haven't done anything with friends is such a long time, it was fun to do something besides hang out at home. Saturday, after I got done with work, I went to Candy and Jerry's house and Candace and I went photographing in the rain! I'm sure it was a funny sight to see. Two girls huddled under an umbrella with their sweatshirt hoods on and cameras hanging around their necks...I wish someone else was there to take a picture of that! It was fun to hang out with Candace and to sit and talk with Candy and Jerry, too! I love hanging out with the family. Plus, I get to hear all the good stories about Jake! ;) On sunday, I went to a fireside at the U of U institute with Candace and Judd. Elder Holland spoke at it! It was such a good fireside and it has made me see Elder Holland differently. I've kind of struggled with him keeping my attention in General Conference and I thought he was kind of dry (that sounds terrible!) but I saw a completely different side of him last night. He was hilarious and I have a greater love and interest in him and his words. I loved how Elder Holland would be talking carelessly and then, suddenly, he would be so intense about a statement he was making. He bore his testimony of so many things last night and I could really feel that he meant every word and that he had no doubts about anything in the gospel. He spoke about President Hinckley and how he is such an amazing man. To hear a man who so closely associates with the prophet speak about him is incredible. I wish that everyone could have been there to hear the words he spoke. The thing that I loved the most was at the end when Elder Holland blessed everyone that was attending the fireside that night. He first spoke to the brethren and blessed them and then to the women. He said that "Women have carried the faithfulness of the church from the beginning." I loved that. It makes me feel so important and want to strive to be better every day! So, thanks to Candace and Judd for inviting me along to be a part of that. And, thanks for feeding me afterwards! I got to eat a lovely, warm bowl of Brunswick stew with a salad and warm cookies right from the oven! They spoiled me. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alright, my biggest struggle with planning the wedding is making a final decision on colors. Grr. I'm thinking that maybe you girls would all look good in the green color.. So...while searching for purple things, keep an eye open for a lighter, pastel, minty green? I think that's how you would describe it. My biggest worry about having purple dresses is that purple can go very wrong. I don't want the color to be so overwhelming. :/

Candace found this cute dress on that could work out very well. I would definitely want to see it in person since two different pictures of the same dress look like different shades of purple. Good find, Candace! Everyone can check it out and let me know what you think of it. Maybe Candace could order one to try on for us if you all like it? That would be fun.

Well, other than wedding stuff, I've just been working and going to class. We just had all my Warnick, cowboy, side of the family over for a party on saturday. It was a surprise party for my grandparent's 40th wedding anniversary! I had a blast. I absolutely love that side of my family, even though they have quite a bit of drama that comes along with them. We had a fun time eating cake, talking, making fun of grandma because she thought that if she changed her phone to Spanish that everyone who called her would be speaking Spanish... it was great. Of course, I was on kid duty. My little cousin, Rylee, likes to attach herself to me anytime I'm around. It's sweet.

Oh yeah! I also bought another very important, white dress the other day. After lunch with Candy, my mom and I went and bought a temple dressfor me! I love it. It has little daisy flowers all over it. I think I'm just so excited about that amazing day that I can't help but buy everything I need right now. It's too bad that it has to sit for 5 months before I can use it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wedding stuff!

Alright, I have to share the story of Jake's ring because it is sooo good! When Jake and I were at Goldsmith Jewelers picking out my ring, Jake looked at the men's wedding bands too. He ended up liking the tungsten ones and picked a very handsome looking ring that he wanted. Price: $400. Ouch. With my family/friends discount it was only going to be $300, quite pricey still. I figured that I would pay that much if it was the one that Jake really wanted! Well, my mom and I went to a bridal show on saturday and I stumbled onto a booth that was showing tungsten rings. I decided to look at them because I was curious to see if they actually had Jake's same ring he wanted. Sure enough, there it was! Next, I was curious to see how much they were selling it for. Just over $200! Sweet. But that isn't even the best part! The guy told me that they were having a show sale and that I could get that ring for $120! I quickly proceeded to pull out my debit card and gave them the address to send the ring to before the guy changed his mind! I got the ring yesterday in the mail and it is soo handsome. It's going to look so good on Jake! I'm so excited that I got such a good deal! Jane, Jake said that you would be proud since you are the discount queen! ;)
Alright, I asked Candace today if she would take the engagement pictures for Jake and I so she'll be doing those for us! I'm way excited for those! Heather is sacrificing her hand to help me address invites and anyone else that wants to help is welcome too! Shannon, word on the street is that you do up-dos? I was hoping you could do my hair for my bridals and the actual wedding day too! Most of my hair will probably be down in curls so it shouldn't be too painful! Everyone keep your eyes peeled for cute, deep purple dresses or skirts or tops.. I was thinking that maybe everyone could get the same cute purple dress if we found a cute one online or anywhere. We're going to have the boys wear matching ties so it would be cute to have the girls match too. Let me know if anyone finds something! I'm not sure what anyone else's wedding expertise is so tell me if there's anything else that you guys would like to help with!
Hm...I think that is all. I feel so demanding so don't take it that way! :) Anywhere anyone can help is greatly appreciated but don't feel obligated! Thanks to you all!!
I know this is last minute mom and I are going to lunch with Candy tomorrow at 11:30 at Mimi's Cafe in Orem if anyone wants to come! I hope to see some of you there if you can make it!

Friday, September 7, 2007


My mom and I went shopping yesterday for wedding dresses. I was planning on going to a couple different stores and trying on a ton of different ones to see what style I liked best. Well, we ended up going to Allyse's Bridal first and trying on just about every dress in the store. I loooved the first dress I tried on. Every dress I tried on after that was alright but I kept going back to the very first one. After I tried on the whole store, it seemed like, I tried the first one back on again and was still very much in love with it! We know the lady that started that store so we happened to name drop and ask the girl helping me if they had a brand new dress they could get me since they did that for my sister because the one my sister originally bought was pretty beat up and smelled like B.O. (nasty) so our owner friend got her a new one. So, the girl went all the way to the basement and pulled a brand new dress out of the bag for me to put on! We ended up buying it yesterday and it's hanging in the next room! :) So the dress that I have has never been tried on or worn by anyone else but me! I would just post a picture of me in the dress for everyone but I don't want Jake to see. Give me your email addresses and I can send you pictures if you want!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well, Jake's gone again. I always think that 3 days will be enough time for us to spend together and do the things we want to do but the time goes way too fast! I really hope things will work out so that we can see each other before Thanksgiving. I don't think I can last 2 months before seeing him again!
I really enjoyed this weekend though. I'm glad I got to see the family and spend time with everyone! It made it even better that Todd's family got to be here too!
Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the family so quickly. It means a lot to me! I'll definitely keep all of you posted on wedding plans and if I need any help! Any advice is greatly appreciated! I love you all!

Friday, August 31, 2007


I just got home from Cedar City! I went down yesterday morning to visit my best friend Diane and see her new baby! She is seriously adorable. Daisy is only a week old but she was so alert! She would open her eyes and look all around and be stretching her arms and legs all over. So cute. Diane had to go to class at 4 and then take her husband something at work at 9 so I got to babysit while she was gone! It's scary but she isn't too hard to watch sleep. :) Here's some pictures that we took this morning before I headed home!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Finally! I was able to get my parking sticker today! It's about time. It made me late to class though because, when I got to school, all the visitor parking was full! So, I drove to the edge of campus and got my sticker and parked in the regular parking lot. What a pain. Glad that's done with.
Also! I am officially registered for the photo 2 class! That is a good and a bad thing. Good because I need this class to be able to take all the higher photography classes but bad because now I want all this new camera equipment! I really want to buy a medium format camera so I can have more detail in my prints but they are expensive! I also want a light meter which is pretty dang expensive as well! I need a better paying job, I think. I need some money! ;)
I finished Twilight last week. I freaked out when I read the last page!! Now I'm so addicted to New Moon. (Thanks for the books, Kelly!) I get so annoyed when class starts and I have to put to book away! I wish I had the time to just lock myself in a room and read it all the way through! So good.
Well, I'm so very, very excited for this weekend! Jake will finally be here! We've got a lot of fun things planned. I can't wait to come see everyone while Jake is here, too! I've been missing him a lot! No fun. I'm glad we have been able to see each other often but our visits might get further apart coming up. Dang expensive flights. Doesn't money grow on trees?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm an "aunt"!! My best friend, Diane, just had her baby last night at 9:09!
She named her baby Daisy Pearl Rees and she is 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches with lots of hair!
I'm so excited to go see the baby and I'm hoping that I'll be able to see her soon. Diane and her husband live in Cedar City so it's going to be tough to find time inbetween school and work to go visit but I'm hoping to drive down next thursday maybe and stay the night and drive back friday morning in time for work. What a pain but I can't wait to see my new "niece"!
I stayed up way too late last night trying to put down Twilight so I could go to bed but I couldn't stop! That book is seriously addicting. It got quite a reaction when I pulled it out in one of my classes yesterday to read before the class started. Everyone went crazy talking about it! It was hilarious.
Speaking of classes, my first day went fairly well. I only had a few complications. I'm still not officially in my Photo 2 class because there were soo many people that showed up to add the class so I have to wait and hopefully be able to add on monday. I know the professor from taking Photo 1 from him in the Spring and we became good friends so I'm hoping that works to my advantage so I can get in the class before all these other kids! I'm kind of annoyed about some of the people that are actually registered for the class because I found out that some of them aren't even photo majors and are taking the class just because they want to. Grr! So, there are quite a few of us photo majors that actually need this class to be able to take any other higher photo class that can't get into it because people are taking it for fun. Anyways!
The other annoyance from yesterday may require a little more background information..
In the beginning of June, I rolled my car. I totalled it. Sad, sad day. So, I no longer has my cute red car that I got for my 17th birthday. Well, on the windshield of that cute, smashed up little red car is my UVSC parking sticker that I bought at the beginning of the year for $80 so that I could park there all year long. I have tried to get a replacement sticker twice now and I still have had no success. I went in once and they told me I had to bring in my vehicle registration to the parking services way at the east end of campus. Not a big deal. I went in yesterday with my registration only to be asked "do you have a piece of the old sticker or a reciept saying you bought the sticker?" No...shouldn't you have that on record somewhere? So, now I have to either find the reciept saying I bought it, find information that says my car was totalled or go find my smashed car somewhere in Kamas and scrape the sticker off! Lame. Oh, there was one more thing, if I don't have one of those things, I have to pay half of what I originally paid for the sticker as opposed to paying $3 to get a new one. Hm...$40 or $3? A bit of a difference.
Alright, I'm done ranting! Other than those two things, my day went quite well and I'm kind of glad to be back in school.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The semester starts up again for me tomorrow! Crazy. I think I have finally got a schedule put together that I like. I'll only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays and then work on Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays. Thursday is going to be my new favorite day, I think. No school, no will be great! My schedule is 10-11:20--History of Photography, 12-1:20--2D design, and 3-4:50--Photo 2. Hopefully it won't be too difficult of a semester, I think I'll survive it! ;)
I am way way way excited to have Jake come home soon! I'm bummed though because Bishop Smart is going out of town that weekend so Jake and I won't be going to dinner with him and I don't even think he'll be there for church on sunday. It's okay though, we have lots of fun things planned! We're excited to come see the family and so happy that Todd and Jane and the kids are going to be here the same weekend that Jake is!
Candace mentioned something about a pedicure night with the girls...I'm definitely in on that one!
I'm pretty excited to go to work tonight so that I can read Twilight all night! I didn't think it would interest me much from hearing people talk about it but I'm hooked! I better hurry and finish it before I get into classes further and I'm forced back into required reading instead of reading for enjoyment.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thanks girls for the fun movie night! I seriously had such a good time with you girls. The movie was great and I loved hanging out and talking! I'm glad I could update you all on how Jake is doing since he hasn't kept you updated himself! ;) Hopefully his blog will help keep you guys more informed.
Kelly has been asking to see the pictures that I took at my grandparent's rodeo so I made an album on my photobucket account. Here's the link to it so you guys can go look at some of the pictures I have taken. Enjoy!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hey everyone! I finally got myself a blog! I've been looking at everyone's blogs and they are way fun. This is a great idea! I'm way excited to see some of you tomorrow for our girl's night out at the movies!
As you all know, I went to see Jake this past weekend in North Carolina. I loved it there! It really is a beautiful place. Jake and I had a blast and it was so good to see him! I think our favorite day was monday when we went to eat at Top of the Hill restaurant and then to the movies to see Bourne Ultimatum. The food was sooo amazing. We seriously could not stop talking about how good both of our meals were! We each cleared our plates! The night was topped off with the movie that was just as good as dinner. Jake was making fun of me because I get so caught up in the action of the movie that I tend to tense up and lean forward in my seat. I get pretty into it! But, he is doing well out there and is liking his job more and more. He has a great ward and already has home teaching assignments and a calling! They're putting him straight to work. Jake went in to talk with the bishop to get his new calling while I sat on the couch outside but, of course, a little while later Jake pops his head out and calls me in there too! We talked with his bishop and he got to know us a little better. His bishop is very nice, along with the rest of his ward! Jake is coming home on the 31st! He'll be here all the weekend and flies home that monday at about noon.
I start school this coming wednesday and I have finally got all my classes worked out. What a reflief! So, I'll be busy with work and school this fall but not too busy! I only work 3 days a week and I'm only taking two (maybe three) classes this semester.