Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy birthday, Momma!

Today is my amazing mom's birthday!
Things I love about her:

  • her unconditional love for me.
  • her wonderful example.
  • her strength.
  • her guidance.
  • she taught me how to cook and keep a clean home and how to someday be an amazing mother of my own children.
  • she taught me the gospel and has always shared her strong testimony with me.
  • she taught me to love the temple and to go often through her testimony and through her example of temple attendance.
  • she's an angel.
  • her loving, sweet and kind spirit.
  • she is so generous, thoughtful and compassionate.
  • she is not only my loving mother but also my best friend.

I could keep going and going! I love my momma and I'm so grateful to call her mine!
Thanks for loving me, caring for me and being such a wonderful person and mother!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are our pictures from our Disneyland/one year anniversary trip! We had such a wonderful time there. Enjoy the pictures!

this is us walking out of our hotel to walk to the park the first day!

the Disneyland sign! so excited!
The first ride we rode was Peter Pan! My favorite ride. :)
We rode a few others and then stopped for some yummy pizza and salad at Pizza Port. yum!

screaming on Space Mountain! Another faaavorite!

getting on Thunder Mountain Railroad. this is when it started raining a bit.

Arrrrg. these are our pirate faces! just about to go on Pirates of the Carribean.
(still raining)

raining still. about to head to California Adventures!

Soaring over California. we were getting quite wet, as you can see.

we got some delicious hot cocoa and goood cookies next to warm up and dry off a bit.
(notice all the umbrellas in the background)
the rain started slowing down and we headed to Tower of Terror!
jake-"hi." me-"peace."
the real Indiana Jones. ;) waiting in line for the ride!
after this, we ran back to the hotel to grab a blanket to sit on for the Fantasmic show!
we saw half of the new fireworks show that I haven't seen before and made sure we were around to watch the whole show the next night!
we watched Fantasmic and headed to the hotel for some much needed rest!

Day 2!
first ride of the day, California Screamin'!
(those are our screaming faces.)
raise the roof, i guess.
at least Jake looks cute.
long story, short.. we sat through a "presentation" from Shell Vacations just for a free lunch and $100 of Disney Dollars. sort of worth it. sort of.
the new Toy Story ride! that was so fun!
Buzz Lightyear ride!
Jake driving the Autopia car! Ahh!
it was Valentine's day!
aww. I love him. :)
we were so worn out from going from ride to ride and standing in lines but we had such a blast!
Jake enjoyed his first time in Disneyland and is excited to go back again!

On sunday, my sister picked us up at our hotel and brought us to Redondo Beach where her and her husband live. we went to church with them, took a nap, ate some delicious dinner, read our books and watched "Waking Ned Divine" while eating a big bowl of ice cream. Heather and Tom are such good hosts! we enjoyed being there with them.
Monday, our actual anniversary day, we slept in and took our time getting ready and packed up. Heather didn't have to work so we went for a walk with her to the beach that is about a 10 minute walk away from their apartment! So nice.
It was a little stormy/ windy but it was fun to be out by the water.
the sign said that there was no lifegaurd on duty so Jake stepped in to help.

Sister! I love my sister and I was so glad to see her!
Happy one year anniversary, baby!!
This past year with Jake has been full of ups and downs and moving and settling but mostly it has been full of so many wonderful memories. I really can't believe that I am able to fall deeper in love with him everyday we're together. He is such a wonderful husband, he amazes me every day. I'm the luckiest!
I love you so much, Jake.