Monday, June 30, 2008

Coming to Utah!

We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for Utah! Jake and I are so excited to see everyone and have a vacation. We are so glad that everyone is going to be in Utah when we visit! Todd, Jane and family will be there and my sister and brother-in-law are coming in town, too! I can't wait to go to the West Jordan Rodeo!! I love wearing my cowboy boots and hat!
Last year, my grandparents asked me to photograph the rodeo and I got paid well by the city to do it, too! It was so much fun to capture all the action. Well, they are using some of my photographs on the West Jordan City website to promote the rodeo and are using one for a tv advertisement on channel 4! My grandma was even asked by a woman if they hired a professional to photograph the rodeo because they were the best action shots she had seen. Woo, what a compliment! That was a good confidence boost since I have been feeling down about my photo-taking ability. It is so neat to see my pictures on their website! I hope I can catch the commercial that has my picture on it, too.

This was suuuch a fun job. Maybe I'll go into just photographing rodeos..

Well, we will be seeing you guys soon! I hope every one is enjoying their summer so far!
P.S. the weather is finally heating up here but we don't have A/C! Blah. I made us some homemade ice cream yesterday to help us cool down. Yum!

Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm the big 2-1 now. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and cards and love! This has been a great birthday.
Jake made me yummy eggs and toast the morning of my birthday. I relaxed during the day and ran a few errands before getting ready for my birthday dinner that night. We weren't sure where to eat so we headed to the Port of Olympia where there are several places to choose from. We walked around the town a little bit down on center street near the Capitol Building. It's a cool part of town but there are some scary people roaming around. Jake and I ended up eating at a restaurant called Anthony's. The food was good but our waitress was terrible. She didn't ruin the whole birthday dinner, thank goodness, but actually gave us some entertainment. Jake and I would bet on what she would forget to do and what her name is. We named her Sailor Moon. Turns out she really did have some weird name! I think it took us 2 hours just for dinner due to our lovely waitress.

We came home for some delicious Cold Stone ice cream cake that Jake got for me! (He got a picture of me blowing out the candles on the first try!)

Jake even got Happy Birthday candles and sang for me! Doesn't that cake look good?!

Mm, Jake was very excited for CAKE!

Jake took me last weekend to birthday shop and I got a pair of cute Merrell hiking shoes that are so light and comfy and sling-back, black high heels. I looove them both! I wore my high heels to church on sunday and we're going hiking tomorrow to break in my hiking shoes!

There's my shoes on! They are so much more comfortable than the other pair of black ones I have.

I was a nice birthday girl and even let Jake get some new shoes, too. ;)
He got some sweet brown Ecco's that look soo good on him! They are definitely better than the brown ones that he's been wearing since he got home from his mission..
P.S. Jake is speaking in church this coming sunday on Father's day! Wish him luck! :)