Saturday, April 9, 2011

Valentine's Day!

We had oatmeal with little cinnamon hearts for breakfast. Yum!

I made a delicious casserole in a cute heart shaped dish with heart shaped toasted bread pieces on top for dinner.

I wrote a Happy Valentine's message for Jake on our bathroom mirror so he surprised me with painting this on our wall! Good thing we were planning on painting there soon. ;) It was so fun to see up on the wall! :)

Haylie in her Valentine's day dress.

She was nice enough to take a break from texting on her phone to pose for this picture. ;)

Haylie got an adorable card from her Nana and Papa. She loved looking at it and "reading" it.

Our lovely family on Love Day!


As soon as I set Haylie on her own two feet anywhere outside our house, she takes off! Of course it's usually in the direction I don't want her to go, she has her own ideas of where she wants to go. ;)
Haylie loves running around on her own outside!

a few tricks...

This is Haylie's first scribbles on her Magnadoodle. Awww.

Haylie "honks" our noses. She thinks it's pretty funny. ;)

Haylie learned how to fold her arms for prayers. She can tell when it's time for a prayer and she quickly folds her arms. They usually don't stay folded for very long but she's got the idea.

We're trying to get Haylie cooking for us but she just always seems to be laying down on the job. We'll have to keep working on that one.. ;)

She is, however, catching on rather quickly to using and talking on the cell phone. She'll be asking for her own by her 2nd birthday, I'm sure. ;)

12 Months

Haylie was looking especially cute the day she turned 12 months so we ran around in the backyard and got some cute pictures. :) Enjoy!

And sheeee's outta here! I can hardly keep up with this busy girl!

Cute tiny shoes.

Back inside the house.

One year old!

Haylie got a big girl carseat for her birthday! She loves being able to see so much more as we drive around. She still is rear-facing, I can't wait to have her turned around to see even more!

We were in Utah for Christmas so we had the opportunity to celebrate Haylie's birthday with so much family! At the Taylor Christmas party, we sang Happy Birthday to the many December birthdays we have in the family. (7 of them!)

Then Haylie got to dig into her own piece of cake! She was loving it and was quite a mess afterward.

We flew home on Haylie's actual birthday, the 27th, so we had a mini party with my family the night before we left!

Haha this is kind of a funny picture but I love that we got everyone in there! :)

Our little family!

Fist full of cake!

Haylie was LOVING having her own piece of cake! She was not shy about digging in!

Birthday girl!

There was cake and frosting in her hair.

My parent's dog, Joe, loved cleaning up whatever mess fell on the floor as Haylie ate her cake. ;)

Here is Haylie's gifts she got for her birthday! A Disney Princess onesie from her Uncle Tom Aunt Heather and cousin Shelby, some books from Grandma and Grandpa Garner and her own Minnie from her Nana and Papa!

Mama and Haylie. She went straight into the bathtub after this. :)

That year went by so quickly and I can't believe Haylie is getting closer to being 2 years old every day! She is growing so quickly and is bursting with personality. She is so sweet and tender-hearted but can be so sassy! We love our Haylie Mae!