Monday, September 24, 2007

My mom and I ordered the purple dress to see how it looks in person and how it fits. We got it yesterday and I tried it on last night. It's super cute! If any of you want to see it on in person, let me know before this weekend because we're sending it off to my sister in California. So, that's the dress if everyone is still liking it! I ordered a small and it fit me well so you girls can use that as a "fitting guide". I think the new line comes out November 1st and I don't think it'll be available after then so order them soon in case you need to exchange sizes or anything! I tried it on with black pumps and that looked cute so you can wear whatever kind of black shoes you want!

Next, I need to work on finding the guys' ties. I'm having Jake help me pick those out when he is here for Thanksgiving. I have a feeling that Jake's visits out here are going to be filled with lots of wedding stuff. We're, also, doing our engagement pictures during Thanksgiving weekend...if I'm officially engaged by then and have a pretty ring on my finger.. ;)

Candace and I got to hang out lots this weekend! I haven't done anything with friends is such a long time, it was fun to do something besides hang out at home. Saturday, after I got done with work, I went to Candy and Jerry's house and Candace and I went photographing in the rain! I'm sure it was a funny sight to see. Two girls huddled under an umbrella with their sweatshirt hoods on and cameras hanging around their necks...I wish someone else was there to take a picture of that! It was fun to hang out with Candace and to sit and talk with Candy and Jerry, too! I love hanging out with the family. Plus, I get to hear all the good stories about Jake! ;) On sunday, I went to a fireside at the U of U institute with Candace and Judd. Elder Holland spoke at it! It was such a good fireside and it has made me see Elder Holland differently. I've kind of struggled with him keeping my attention in General Conference and I thought he was kind of dry (that sounds terrible!) but I saw a completely different side of him last night. He was hilarious and I have a greater love and interest in him and his words. I loved how Elder Holland would be talking carelessly and then, suddenly, he would be so intense about a statement he was making. He bore his testimony of so many things last night and I could really feel that he meant every word and that he had no doubts about anything in the gospel. He spoke about President Hinckley and how he is such an amazing man. To hear a man who so closely associates with the prophet speak about him is incredible. I wish that everyone could have been there to hear the words he spoke. The thing that I loved the most was at the end when Elder Holland blessed everyone that was attending the fireside that night. He first spoke to the brethren and blessed them and then to the women. He said that "Women have carried the faithfulness of the church from the beginning." I loved that. It makes me feel so important and want to strive to be better every day! So, thanks to Candace and Judd for inviting me along to be a part of that. And, thanks for feeding me afterwards! I got to eat a lovely, warm bowl of Brunswick stew with a salad and warm cookies right from the oven! They spoiled me. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alright, my biggest struggle with planning the wedding is making a final decision on colors. Grr. I'm thinking that maybe you girls would all look good in the green color.. So...while searching for purple things, keep an eye open for a lighter, pastel, minty green? I think that's how you would describe it. My biggest worry about having purple dresses is that purple can go very wrong. I don't want the color to be so overwhelming. :/

Candace found this cute dress on that could work out very well. I would definitely want to see it in person since two different pictures of the same dress look like different shades of purple. Good find, Candace! Everyone can check it out and let me know what you think of it. Maybe Candace could order one to try on for us if you all like it? That would be fun.

Well, other than wedding stuff, I've just been working and going to class. We just had all my Warnick, cowboy, side of the family over for a party on saturday. It was a surprise party for my grandparent's 40th wedding anniversary! I had a blast. I absolutely love that side of my family, even though they have quite a bit of drama that comes along with them. We had a fun time eating cake, talking, making fun of grandma because she thought that if she changed her phone to Spanish that everyone who called her would be speaking Spanish... it was great. Of course, I was on kid duty. My little cousin, Rylee, likes to attach herself to me anytime I'm around. It's sweet.

Oh yeah! I also bought another very important, white dress the other day. After lunch with Candy, my mom and I went and bought a temple dressfor me! I love it. It has little daisy flowers all over it. I think I'm just so excited about that amazing day that I can't help but buy everything I need right now. It's too bad that it has to sit for 5 months before I can use it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wedding stuff!

Alright, I have to share the story of Jake's ring because it is sooo good! When Jake and I were at Goldsmith Jewelers picking out my ring, Jake looked at the men's wedding bands too. He ended up liking the tungsten ones and picked a very handsome looking ring that he wanted. Price: $400. Ouch. With my family/friends discount it was only going to be $300, quite pricey still. I figured that I would pay that much if it was the one that Jake really wanted! Well, my mom and I went to a bridal show on saturday and I stumbled onto a booth that was showing tungsten rings. I decided to look at them because I was curious to see if they actually had Jake's same ring he wanted. Sure enough, there it was! Next, I was curious to see how much they were selling it for. Just over $200! Sweet. But that isn't even the best part! The guy told me that they were having a show sale and that I could get that ring for $120! I quickly proceeded to pull out my debit card and gave them the address to send the ring to before the guy changed his mind! I got the ring yesterday in the mail and it is soo handsome. It's going to look so good on Jake! I'm so excited that I got such a good deal! Jane, Jake said that you would be proud since you are the discount queen! ;)
Alright, I asked Candace today if she would take the engagement pictures for Jake and I so she'll be doing those for us! I'm way excited for those! Heather is sacrificing her hand to help me address invites and anyone else that wants to help is welcome too! Shannon, word on the street is that you do up-dos? I was hoping you could do my hair for my bridals and the actual wedding day too! Most of my hair will probably be down in curls so it shouldn't be too painful! Everyone keep your eyes peeled for cute, deep purple dresses or skirts or tops.. I was thinking that maybe everyone could get the same cute purple dress if we found a cute one online or anywhere. We're going to have the boys wear matching ties so it would be cute to have the girls match too. Let me know if anyone finds something! I'm not sure what anyone else's wedding expertise is so tell me if there's anything else that you guys would like to help with!
Hm...I think that is all. I feel so demanding so don't take it that way! :) Anywhere anyone can help is greatly appreciated but don't feel obligated! Thanks to you all!!
I know this is last minute mom and I are going to lunch with Candy tomorrow at 11:30 at Mimi's Cafe in Orem if anyone wants to come! I hope to see some of you there if you can make it!

Friday, September 7, 2007


My mom and I went shopping yesterday for wedding dresses. I was planning on going to a couple different stores and trying on a ton of different ones to see what style I liked best. Well, we ended up going to Allyse's Bridal first and trying on just about every dress in the store. I loooved the first dress I tried on. Every dress I tried on after that was alright but I kept going back to the very first one. After I tried on the whole store, it seemed like, I tried the first one back on again and was still very much in love with it! We know the lady that started that store so we happened to name drop and ask the girl helping me if they had a brand new dress they could get me since they did that for my sister because the one my sister originally bought was pretty beat up and smelled like B.O. (nasty) so our owner friend got her a new one. So, the girl went all the way to the basement and pulled a brand new dress out of the bag for me to put on! We ended up buying it yesterday and it's hanging in the next room! :) So the dress that I have has never been tried on or worn by anyone else but me! I would just post a picture of me in the dress for everyone but I don't want Jake to see. Give me your email addresses and I can send you pictures if you want!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well, Jake's gone again. I always think that 3 days will be enough time for us to spend together and do the things we want to do but the time goes way too fast! I really hope things will work out so that we can see each other before Thanksgiving. I don't think I can last 2 months before seeing him again!
I really enjoyed this weekend though. I'm glad I got to see the family and spend time with everyone! It made it even better that Todd's family got to be here too!
Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the family so quickly. It means a lot to me! I'll definitely keep all of you posted on wedding plans and if I need any help! Any advice is greatly appreciated! I love you all!