Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 6 months!!

Haylie is 6 months old today!
I can't believe that it has been half a year since Haylie arrived into our family and it's only 6 more months until she is a year old!
We love this little girl so soooo much!

We have her 6 month check up tomorrow so I'll have to give her stats later!

Haylie in action!

Haylie is sitting up on her own now! I got her this toy to play with while sitting up. She is a pro driver already!

Haylie playing in her exersaucer and chatting away. :)

My latest creations..

I love crafts!
I went to a friend's house to make some cute hair bows for Haylie and these are what I made! I also sewed the white headband that they're on!
Hot pink flower

Big white flower

I love how well this matches her outfit! :)

Yeah, she was done taking pictures at this point. No more!!

My friend, J, was sweet enough to cut these vinyl letters out for me on her Cricut and here is how it turned out! I love it. This is going above our tv to always remind our family to watch uplifting things and have good thoughts! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday WEEK!

Jake spoiled me and gave me a birthday WEEK!
He had to leave on a campout the evening of my birthday so he was making up for being gone. ;)
Monday, Jake came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Tuesday, he cleaned the bathroom for me. (my most dreaded house chore)
Wednesday, I got a box of See's DARK chocolates. Mm..

Thursday, Jake bought me the book "The Hunger Games" - loving it so far! I haven't gotten too far yet, I'll finish once all this moving craziness is over.

And Friday, my actual birthday-day, Jake made me waffles that morning and then watched Haylie while I got to get a massage! We went out for lunch that afternoon before Jake headed off to his campout.
I went to my friend, J's, baby shower that night. She is my birthday twin! All our friends sang Happy Birthday to us at the end of the shower. Thanks J for sharing your day with me!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Haylie was napping on the couch the other day and I noticed that she was starting to stir and wake up. I went in the other room to put something away and realized that Haylie was quiet. She is usually quite vocal when she is awake so I went to see what she was up to...
This is what I found. She got her hands on the baby monitor. What a cute little stinker. ;)

Look at those beautiful blue eyes and CURLY hair! I hope it stays curly. This was one of the last times she took a bath in her little tub on the kitchen counter. It was like a tornado and a hurricane hit when I was done bathing her so we moved bath time to the big tub.

Haylie loooves her daddy! She always has so much to talk to him about.
Here she is fish-hooking herself.

Hahhaah I can't help but laugh every time I see this. We went running and it was a bit chilly so I put her BYU beanie on. When I pulled it off, this is what her hair was doing! Talk about a baaad case of hat hair.

Yeah, she can pretty much hold her own bottle. Skills, baby, skills. There isn't anything in it but I wanted to see if she could handle it herself. Very tempting to just hand her a bottle at feeding time.. ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Temple trip and a pretty dress

Jake and I made the long trip to the temple a few weekends ago, with Haylie in tow. It was so great to get to the temple. I love the temple!
Jake went in to do a session while Haylie and I hung out on the temple grounds.

There is a neat gardens area with a trail through it that we strolled through. Here is Haylie in her stroller with the temple in the background. You can barely see it but it's there! It was such beautiful weather that day.

Laying on a blanket out on the grass. So relaxing. :)

Then it was my turn to go in and do some names for initiatory. I almost had us leave before I went in because I was feeling anxious to get back home. I am so glad that I went in. I love feeling the spirit so strong while in the temple and it was wonderful to be reminded of the blessings that I have through being an endowed member. We're truly blessed to be an eternal family.
We made it back home 9 hours later but it was well worth the trip. :)

Aunt Kelly bought Haylie this adorable dress before she was even born. It is so adorable! We had to snap some pictures of her in it.

Isn't she the cutest thing?! Loooove this girl.

The only thing Haylie was really concerned about was if it tasted good. It must have because it was in her mouth nearly the entire time! ;)

visit from Grandma G!

My mom came to visit in May to keep Haylie and me company while Jake went on a campout. It was so great to have her here! We planned an outing for everyday she was here. We went on a few errands, shopped at the mall, ate yummy food and played lots! Thanks for keeping us company, momma!

Grandma wanted to see life from Haylie's view. Haylie enjoyed having a friend playing next to her!

All dressed up for church!

Mom, Grandma and baby!

Grandma sure loves her grandbabies!