Sunday, October 28, 2007

About me..

Jake informed me yesterday that my blog was in need of an update and I see that I've been tagged twice to share 7 random facts about myself they are! Everyone will be able to get to know me a little bit better!
  1. When it gets late at night and I haven't had much sleep and I don't allow my body to get tired and sleep, it starts to find ways to stay awake. My mind is not quite alert but my body is still moving around and there isn't much filtration happening when I start to talk. I call this being "loopy". Jake has seen this side of me a couple times and he has still stuck around! In this phase, I tend to have major A.D.D. and I blurt out a lot of random thoughts. I think Jake is quite entertained by it.
  2. I have cut my head open twice. I still have a little scar on the top of my head from the second time it happened. The first time happened when I was real little, before I had even started school, and a whole bunch of us neighborhood kids were digging in this kid's sandbox to see how deep we could dig but there weren't enough tools for everyone so I just watched while they dug. I saw a huge dirt clot at the side of the sandbox and decided to pick it up just as the kid across from me swung the garden hoe and it came down on the back of my head. ouch. No stitches needed though! The second time happened when I was in 1st grade and we were living in Colorado at the time. We were at the ice rink while my sister was having her skating lessons when my younger brother took off and ran under the bleachers. My mom asked me to go get him but he decided to be stubborn and run away from me. So, I started to chase him out to the other side of the bleachers. I was all hunched over so I could run underneath the bars and my back started to hurt so I stood up a bit to stretch it out as I am still running under the bleachers and I end up charging straight into one of the bars. My mom said that it didn't knock me out but I don't remember anything from the time I hit the bar until I was laying on my back with people all around me and I had ice on my head. I went to the emergency room and had stitches and still have a scar from that one!
  3. I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes it's a good thing but it's also bad. It makes me very detail oriented but that makes me take longer to do things. Also, I hesitate to start projects and other things because I worry myself to death that it won't be perfect.
  4. I absolutely love the stars and I love the rain.
  5. I have a big fear of drowning. I'm okay to play around in the water but I hate being pushed under the water or jumping into deep water, especially without a life jacket on.
  6. I have a great love for the scriptures and the gospel. I really love to learn new things as I read the scriptures and other religious books. It amazing how much there is to learn and how much potential we have!
  7. Hm...I don't know how to phrase this one... I love to try new things and try to experience as much as I can. I have played so many different sports, been friends with many different people with different interests so that I can learn about those things from them, I always watch movies or see people doing something cool and I automatically want to do it too. I wanted to be a stunt/racecar driver at one point, then a ballroom dancer, a florist, second attendant in the rodeo royalty(Jake will probably be the only one to get that ;)...the list goes on to just about anything you could imagine.

Wow, those were long. I hope you got through them all and have learned a bit more about me! I could keep going on! But I won't. ;)

There's not much to update everyone one...that's probably why I haven't blogged in a while! I should be at the Hansen Halloween party tomorrow so I can see everyone and all the costumes! I'm so excited for this Holiday season!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Best weekend EVER!

Yeah, so...pretty much this weekend was THE best. :)
Thanks again to everybody for helping out and making our engagement day so great. Thanks girls, and Boston, for decorating my room and putting so much time into that and carving pumpkins! I love it all.
Also, thanks to Cory and Shannon for the wonderful FHE! I love being around the family, you guys are amazing. A special thanks to Cory for giving Jake some new clothes! He had to use an extra bag to bring more stuff back to NC with him!
Jake actually got to the airport and really boarded the plane back to NC. I tried to talk him into staying just a bit longer but I guess jobs are somewhat important for survival. Something like that. ;) This good-bye wasn't so sad as others have been. It's nice to know that Jake is going to be back at the end of November and that I have that to look forward to. Plus, I am so excited to show off my ring to EVERYONE! Especially the salesman at my work that kept saying that I wasn't getting married and always looking to see if I had my ring yet. haha!
I'm so excited to have Jake back here for Thanksgiving and that I get to spend it with all of you! Jake and I were planning to go walk around Temple Square that weekend to see the lights. I think Candace and Judd were wanting to come and we wanted to let everyone know that they are invited and should come see the lights! I'm not sure if we are going to go friday or saturday yet but we'll figure it out.
Pretty much all the wedding planning that is happening right now is getting together the wedding list. Yikes. We have to figure out how many people we expect for the reception before we meet with our coordinator the wednesday before Thanksgiving.
I'm super bummed that I can't go to New York with all you girls but I'll be there for the next girl's trip! Have a blast this weekend!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yaaay! Engaged!

Engaged, finally! It's actually for real now!
Thanks to everyone for helping Jake out and making this day sooo amazing. Don't worry, I forgive you all for keeping secrets from me... ;)
Todd and Jane and family, we're going to post the video that Shea and Judd shot for you guys to see!
Ahh! Today has been suuuch a perfect day. Jake went above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for! He never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful to have him in my life and that I get to be sealed to him in the temple. I am very grateful to have such a great family that I am gaining. I love you all! Thanks again to everyone for welcoming me into the family and being such wonderful people!
I just wanted to blog this moment real fast. I need to get to sleep so I can get Jake to the airport in the morning. :(

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I am way excited for General Conference this weekend. I'm sad that I have to miss the morning session on saturday since I will be stuck at work until 1:30 but thank goodness for TiVo! I'll be able to catch up later. I love conference time, it's so fun to be with the family! My mom and I always put together a puzzle while we listen to conference on sunday. It's a fun little tradition we have and I love puzzles! I'm very interested to see who the new member of the first presidency is and the new apostle. It will be a great weekend.
I hope everyone was able to get their dresses and that they work for everyone! Thanks to you all for being such a great help. Jake emailed Zak to tell him that all the girls are wearing the same dress and that Aimee is welcome to get the same dress but I guess she won't be buying one. Just a heads up to everyone. We're not even sure if she'll come to the wedding. I hope she will so that I have the chance to meet her but I guess it's just her choice.
Shannon, I was thinking that I need a new swimsuit for Hawaii since I've had the same one for 2 years now and I love the Hapari ones! Jake said you can help me get a discount on one? Also, I was thinking of doing my bridal portraits in December or January so that I could go out on the frozen Utah Lake for some cool shots so we can practice my hair-do anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, whenever you're able!
I don't have a whole lot of wedding stuff to worry about right now. I scheduled an appointment with our coordinator for the day before Thanksgiving, when Jake is here, so there's not much else to do before then. It's kind of nice to have so much done already. I can actually kick back and breathe!