Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Haylie got spoiled this Easter!
Her Nana mailed her this adorable BYU sweatshirt! Go Cougs!

Easter morning, Haylie checking out our baskets!
We all got BYU shirts in our baskets this year.

I filled Haylie's plastic eggs with cheerios. :)

Lounging in her chair after church

We had Easter dinner with friends and it was delicious!
Haylie has wandering around while we were eating and ended up sampling a bit of dog food. Yum! Guess that's better to eat then the moss and paint chip she was trying to munch on while in the backyard one day. ;)
It was such a fun Easter!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

As a family, we decided that we really needed a vacation. There is an awesome place just 30 minutes south of us called the Great Wolf Lodge where you can get a hotel room for a night and you have unlimited access to their indoor pools and slides, restaurants and gift shops. So, we headed there for a little mini "stay-cation". We drove down on a monday afternoon, got checked in, threw on our swim suits and headed for the water!
Haylie in her cover-up, ready to go!

Waiting for the elevator

Water park! (check out the nice hairy back man Jake managed to catch in the background of a few of our photos. don't think I'll be framing any of those pictures) ;)

Haylie wasn't so sure about the water at first but we ended up pulling her away kicking and screaming by the end of the day! She was loving the water.

The slides were her favorite!

Haylie and her daddy.

All done swimming for that day.

We went back to our room and got cleaned up before heading to get some dinner. Haylie got these cute wolf ears with her dinner. She actually kept them on a lot longer then I thought she would!

We stopped at their little dessert shop after dinner and got brownie ice cream sundaes. Haylie was hanging out with her favorite bear again.

Jake and I watched the newest Harry Potter movie in our room while Haylie slept since I hadn't watched it yet.

We woke up the next morning, threw on our flip flops and headed to the breakfast buffet! We filled our bellies, got our swim suits on and headed back for the water!
Haylie is ready for another day in the pools!

Family photo!


Haylie in her big ol' life vest! They had these there to use which was very nice.

More playtime with Dad!

Haylie was getting tired and cranky at this point and was ready for her nap. So, we took her up to our room, gave her a bath and laid her down for a nap. There were slides for adults that you ride down in tubes at the park. Two of them you could ride as a single rider so Jake and I would take turns watching Haylie while the other went down those slides. The other two were for groups of 2-4 people so we would have had to ask strangers if we could ride down with their family.. awkward! ;) I was hoping to be able to ride the bigger ones with Jake so after Haylie was asleep, we called Jake's phone from my phone, left Jake's phone there by Haylie's pack-n-play and took my phone with us on mute so we could hear her but she wouldn't be able to hear us. We brought our "baby monitor" with us down to the park and put it in our bag to check on Haylie in between slides! I hope that made sense. So, Jake and I were able to go back down to the water park for a bit and do the bigger slides together while Haylie slumbered! It was fantastic.
We headed back to the room, got cleaned up while Haylie finished her nap, packed up our stuff and headed back home that afternoon! It was such a fun and needed quick trip. We love the memories we created while being there.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sittin' pretty

Both Haylie's grandma and her nana had awesome little chairs that were just her size while we were visiting Utah. (both of which she gracefully fell out of) ;)
Haylie and Shelby hanging out in their awesome matching chairs.

So, when we got home, I was on the hunt for a little chair that was just Haylie's size. I happened to find the perfect one!
She had to check it all out first.

Then decided to break it in by reading a good book while sitting in it.

"This is the best part!"

And then proceeded to climb all over it. :)

Now she uses her chair to climb on to get a better view of all that's happening out our front window! She loves it!


My sister, neice, Haylie and I flew to Utah on my dad's birthday to surprise him for his 50th! He was shocked to come out of his bedroom and have Haylie strolling down the hallway towards him. It was such a fun surprise!

The birthday boy!

Haylie and Shelby checking out the dogs in the backyard.

Haylie helping with the dishes

Lots of reading stories together

Shelby having some yummy banana for breakfast

Haylie and I were able to go out to eat with the Taylor's while we were there. We love having our families so close by so we can see everyone!
Haylie was a cheesy mess from her mac and cheese dinner.

Haylie giving Shelby back her milk cup. She kept snatching it when Shelby would leave it laying around. ;)

Haylie pondering life.

Haylie and Grandpa ready to go to the ZOO!

There was a beautiful day with perfect weather while we were there so we decided to head to the Zoo for Haylie's first visit there!

First stop was the carousel!

She loved it!

We stopped at the park to let the girls run and play.

I have so many pictures of Haylie's backside, she's just always going a mile a minute!

Shelby and Grandpa checking out the monkeys.

I had to get pictures of Haylie by the famous lion drinking fountain that I remember drinking from as a little girl.

Mom and dad. :)

Ice cream! Haylie and Shelby got spoiled by being able to have their very own ice cream cones to hold and eat from. :)

Haylie and Shelby twinners!

Our flight back home got canceled so we got to stay in Utah an extra 2 days and watch General Conference there! I was a little bummed that we couldn't get home to see Jake but it was so great to have extra time for Haylie to be with the family.
We got to spend more time with her Nana, Papa and Aunt Kelly and watched a session of conference with them!
Haylie had fun playing with her Nana.

Haylie was so excited that Kelly let her pet the kitty, she was in heaven!

Haylie and her Papa. He played peek-a-boo with her by covering his eyes and she has started doing that ever since! So cute.

Grandpa and Haylie.

I bought Haylie a BYU shirt while we were there. :)

Haylie and her Uncle Tay! He is such a sweet uncle.

We made it home safe and had such a fun time making wonderful memories!