Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carving Pumpkins!

We carved our pumpkins last night! We have had a busy week so we finally found time to carve them up! For some reason we didn't do it last Halloween so it was a must this year. We got everything set up and plugged in Hocus Pocus to watch while we carved and snacked on pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! It was a fun night for us.
We're ready to start carving!
Jake got a bit hungry in the process, I guess.
Ewww. Squishy.
Me carving up Haylie's pumpkin! We felt that she needed her own pumpkin, too! ;)

My pumpkin on the left and Jake's on the right. Jake just saw a picture online and duplicated it on his pumpkin freehanded. He's so artistic!

All lit up! They turned out so great!! Haylie's is a ghost in the middle, it didn't show up too well for pictures. We're so proud of them!

Here's some of our yummy cookies! We've eaten way too many of these already this holiday season. They're so good, we can't resist!

Happy Halloween, friends and family!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Fall!

Here's my belly at 30 weeks! I'm 31 weeks today, though. Time is flying by! We're so excited to get things set up for Haylie's arrival soon!
This is one thing we have all set up for our baby girl. Thanks Haylie's grandma (my momma) for the adorable pack 'n play!! This is where Haylie will be sleeping, right next our bed!

Jake and I had a friend Halloween party last saturday that was a lot of fun! I dressed up as a Labor and Delivery doctor and Jake was a pregnant lady! He's such a good sport for dressing up as a woman. :) He made up for having to wear pink by watching lots of football before and after the party. ;)

For FHE last night, we went to the pumpkin patch just down the hill from us and picked out pumpkins for us to carve for next monday's FHE! Jake and I each picked out our own and then we even got a little one for our Haylie bug! We're excited to carve them! I'll have to get pictures of that and put them up!

No, I'm not hiding a pumpkin under my jacket... ;) This is one of the few jackets that I can still zip up over my belly!
I love him. :) Isn't he the cutest?!
Last holiday season, we didn't decorate too much. Since we're spending every holiday here in our own apartment I decided that I wanted to decorate for the season a bit more! Here's our "harvest" wreath! It's so fun to have this greet us everytime we come home. :)

My friend, J, is throwing me my first baby shower on November 7th, I'm so excited! It will be great to have more things to set up and have ready for Haylie. I'm so grateful for the wonderful friends that I have here in WA. They are such a fun group of ladies!